New Lexus GS 450h Photo Gallery

2013 Lexus GS 450h

The next official photo gallery stars a Starfire Pearl Lexus GS 450h at the beach, along with some shots of the beautiful bamboo trimmed interior:

Even though I’m head over heels for the GS F Sport’s red leather interior, the bamboo trim available on the GS 450h can not be beat — it gives the entire interior a distinctly airy and clean appearance, and syncs perfectly with the hybrid feel. Fresh!


  1. This is my kind of color !
  2. Joe

    Any official picture yet of a new GS with the standard 17" wheels?  I am afraid that they will look too small...
  3. I'm kinda surprise that in the 2nd hybrid family portrait, they booted out the HS250h.
  4. Any pics re trunk space?
  5. F1

  6. The interior is absolutely the best. 
  7. Krew----do you know if the amber swirls in the tail lamps stay amber at all times when lit?  Also I have not seen the third lamp brake light lit it similar to the LS and mounted at the roof line or is it lower near the trunck lid?    Just curious.....the amber lights are really eye catching and third lamp on LS is awesome.
  8. I really wish Lexus would stop showing then in thie wheel choice . . .  show your models with the 19 inch wheels ! This wheel look horrible