AutoWeek Reviews the 2013 Lexus GS

The Lexus GS 350 made quite an impression on Barry Winfield of AutoWeek, particularly the F Sport edition:

Of all the new models in the [GS] range, the F-Sport is one to make Lexus’s rivals take serious note. The combination of ride and handling technologies provides the new GS with fast turn-in, brilliant roll control, amazing stability and a scintillating turn of speed.

Beyond what amounts to a very positive review of the GS, this passage really caught my eye:

It’s hard to knock the idea of a refined ride for everyday activities, particularly if it comes courtesy of a beautifully made product. When Lexus first appeared, hard-nosed auto writers complained of too much isolation and not enough involvement. Now all of the rival luxury brands are more like Lexus than they were like themselves in the old days.

So, when you add performance bandwidth to a polished product such as the GS 350, allowing it to strafe a canyon road like a sports car as well as glide serenely to the office, it makes a fine argument for what the company has done here. All that’s left to debate is the controversial new styling.

With all cookie-cutter spec-sheet reviews that I’ve seen over the last two days, it’s nice to see some actual insight into the new GS and what it means to the brand — I even enjoyed read through the reader comments, which is really saying something…

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I do hope Lexus put handling & comfort at the same time to all over the product ... not just GS .