2013 Lexus GS First Drive Reviews

Over the past three weeks, Lexus has been bringing in automotive journalists from all over the world to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, California, for the global press launch of the all-new fourth-generation GS, and now today, news outlets can start publishing their first drive reviews.

As you can imagine, there’s going to be dozens of first drive reviews, and I’ll be reading them all to bring you the best (and likely the worst) that the automotive press has to offer. There’s also a ton of new official information, including over a hundred new photos and detailed technical documents that I’ll be posting in short order.

I was also in Dana Point to test out the new GS, though with so many lengthy reviews out there to read, I decided the best way to share my own driving experience would be in small segments — so over the next week, I’ll be posting my impressions piece by piece, starting tomorrow with details from the technical presentation with Lexus College’s Paul Williamsen. I also took plenty of photos (including the one above), and will be offering up my favorites as desktop wallpapers.

Let’s get started!

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I would like to listen more about GS's exhaust note & it's corner ability !
Nice shot, Krew. Well done on the car-to-car.
    • K
    • November 23, 2011
    Thanks! I couldn't wait to share one of those images. Plenty more, though it's hard to make them look all that different. ;-)
Get to drive the 450h? I hear the EPA is set at a class-leading 29/34/31 Combined BD