Lexus GS 450h Photos from the Frankfurt Motor Show

With the huge official photo gallery and the fact that the Lexus GS 450h looks similar to the GS 350 that debuted last month, it’s no surprise that live shots from the Frankfurt Motor Show has been difficult to find.

So far, other than a couple pics at Edmunds, Auto Guide is the only real photo gallery I could find — luckily, it does a great job at capturing the reveal and all angles of the exterior.

View the Auto Guide photo gallery

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Just a GS350 with hidden tail pipe , blue L logo & slightly different headlight ... XD Waiting for GS350 F-Sport !
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  • September 14, 2011
This car is looking better day by day.. When I saw the LF-GH concept I was like NOOOO
Lexus Norway just informed me that the new GS 450h will be offered in 11 exterior colours and 6 interior colours (leather) with more detailed info coming in November.If and to what degree this will differ in other markets I don't know.
    It just occurred to me that the pdf press release brochure listed only five interior colours and Cabernet to my disappointment wasn't among them. Intriguing... 
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  • September 14, 2011
YouTube video of the black GS350 AWD shown at Frankfurt: IMHO looks much better than silver.
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      bobby watsa
    • September 15, 2011
    wow how is the interior in person?
Why is it called a "2013" GS? With most of the range (I'm assuming 250, 350, 450h with 2wd or awd) there in the metal, why would it take till Nov 2012 to go to market? [It's not as if they're all clay models or something.] Surely it doesn't do Lexus any good to show a new model so long before they start delivery?