2013 Lexus GS 450h Photo Gallery

2013 Lexus GS 450h Photo Gallery

Lexus has released some very nice photos of the 2013 Lexus GS 450h — here’s the full gallery:

Pay special attention to some of the photos, particularly this one that shows off the new heads-up display:

2013 Lexus GS 450h Heads Up Display

Also, commenters pointed out that the rear exhausts have been hidden on the GS 450h, here’s a closeup:

2013 Lexus GS 450h Exhaust Rear

Lexus GS 450h Exhaust Side

Hiding the exhausts has become a hybrid design element for Lexus, and rightfully so — it’s a subtle reminder that hybrid technology reduces CO2 emissions (and it will also make it a lot easier to spot a GS hybrid on the road).

Still plenty to come!


  1. Even though on paper the GS450h is slower than predecessor , but I remember GS350 have improved a lot on Handling & I believe GS450h have the same improvement as well ... when you have a great Handling , you'll totally forget how it perform on 0-60mph . Also ... even thought the Exhaust is hidden , but the GS450h would still be mind blowing fast ! Edit : I also like how the new Gauge is being made , like the CT200h but much better .
  2. It's weird that the exterior shots are EXACTLY the same as the ones for the GS350 but with the different lights and logos. Clearly photoshopped, I wish Lexus would have unveiled some real world shots of this car. Few exist.
    • Your right about the Photoshop in the straight on back shot the two tail lights are different.  The lack of exhaust really takes away from the rear in my opinion.  I love the new interior but the between the wheels and the exhaust the GS350 looks better which was not the case for the previous GS450h.   Also the plastic detailing where the exhaust should be looks a little cheap to me.  I guess I have just been waiting on this car for so long and I love my current 450h so much I set the bar a little to high.
    • Agreed -- but at the same time, the first-gen GS hybrid wheels are hard to beat. I don't think there's a single wheel for the new GS that compares.
    • Like I mentioned last week, I've got some photos from Pebble Beach -- I'll post them up as soon as the Frankfurt news dies down.
  3. :'( I miss the tail pipes, but it does look a lot cleaner as a design
  4. I want to see the "night vision" feature :D
  5. The ECO indicator on the HUD is perfect. On my RXh, I am constantly looking at the energy gauge even though I have the HUD. A lot of time, I dont even look at it for speed since my eye is constantly looking at the instrument cluster anyways
    • Having a hybrid indicator in the HUD is exactly like the 3rd gen Prius in Europe.  Its very useful when driving for helping to get the best fuel economy.
  6. Joe

    Herewith some very impressive figures for Europe: Combined hp: 343 (only 2 less than previous model despite use of Atkinson cycle),  0-100 km/h in 5,9 sec (same as previous), top speed 250 km/h (limited, same as before), average consumption 6,3 l/100km and CO2 145 g/km... (compared to the 179 g of the previous generation!) Lexus hybrid drive beats German technology again !  :-))
  7. Wow this car i awesome!)
  8. For this car to really succeed it should be reasonably priced. With Toyota making and selling so many hybrids, I am sure they can price this car that would make it to the short list of many GS and other similar car buyers. From what I read, this is probably the  most technologically advanced hybrid in the market. Add to that the craftsmanship and fit and finish, it would be a car that would be a pleasure to get in and push that blue switch. And we have not touched on the superb infotainment system which is supposed to be the best in the market at the time of sale in 2012. I am very excited about the direction Lexus is taking and can't wait to hear about future products especially the LS.
  9. Just a couple of short months ago looking at the prototypes I was very worried about this car, including the controversial grille.  But this design has truly gone in a great direction, it generates all the right emotions without resorting to quirkiness.  I'm officially in love, and proud to own a car from this marque.
  10. Nice car.  But im big on wheels and the small oem rims on this car kill it for me. Makes the car look huge. I wouldnt not buy this car with those awesome 19 inch wheels we see on the 350 model.
  11. The wheels have been one way to tell instantly on Lexus if was a hybrid.  They have always been distinct and attractive and I believe larger than base model wheels.  I don't understand why they would put these "plain Jane" smaller wheels on.  It does kill the overall look in my opinion. 
    • Just made a comment about that.... total fail on the wheel choice. They look horrible... maybe these are the base wheels of the GS on a whole and they just didnt equipped the bigger wheels in these shots
    • 17" wheels are standard,18" optional according to the press release.
    • Actually the wheels in these shots are the larger 18" wheels.  Though the Frankfurt 450h show car has the same 19" wheels as shown at Pebble Beach!
  12. 30MPG City.  50% larger trunk.  Available May 2012. BD
  13. F1m

    Well the hybrid version like usual has been always more conservative with the design, the wheels and the hidden exhaust tips are contributions.. Like the LS600H how the grill, wheels and overall appearance looks more conservative compared to the LS460 with its 5 spoke wheels and sharp front facia..
  14. So, does the dials change when in sports mode?? You niticed guys, on eco mode, there is no rev meter, and on sports mode there is a rev meter. Does this mean and the dials are also an LCD display??