2013 Lexus GS 350 Photo Gallery

2013 Lexus GS 350 Photo Gallery

Even though it’s going to burn through my bandwidth, I wanted to share the entire 2013 Lexus GS 350 photo gallery in their full resolution:

As you would expect with a Lexus, it’s the details that make this car what it is. While I’m still pulling together all my thoughts, I’m really liking the balance between the exterior design & the warm interior — but even more than simply liking the new GS, the car really has me excited for the future of Lexus.


  1. anything i ever said about doubting the CT look and sonata taillights...ignore it. This is gorgeous and wow im gonna start seein a lot of these on the roads! great job lexus.
    • These are not Sonata tail lights . . . The IS seden has this design before the sonata and the CTh has these tailights... if anything the Sonata copied the IS
  2. "-but even more than simply liking the new GS, the car really has me excited for the future of Lexus."  I could not agree more,my friend! :-D
  3. Thanks Krew !  I agree with others that this is the great future of Lexus.....very exciting!
  4. I'm just love this taillights ! Amazing detail & useful feature on it ! http://lexusenthusiast.com/images/gallery/gallery-lexus-2013-lexus-gs-350-official/2013_Lexus_GS_350_018.jpg
  5. I still waiting for GS F
  6. Oh man i've feeling that!
  7. @Krew , Mind zipping these up and make available for download?
  8. @Krew, there's a problem in the penultimate photo...It appears not so good http://lexusenthusiast.com/images/gallery/gallery-lexus-2013-lexus-gs-350-official/2013_Lexus_GS_350_035.jpg
  9. Nice hi res photos here. This exterior is far better than I was expecting especially considering how much I hated the CT, HS, RX, LX & LS facelift designs. There is a distinct family resemblance with the current GS, though they could've retained the twin headlight look. Major flaws are the round foglamps & the cheesy black diffuser at the rear. But its definitely better looking then the 5-series & E-class, the XF & A6 is tougher to beat though... Krew said "the interior is a work of art", but actually it doesn't look too hot. It's more SUV dash than luxury sedan, looks like a giant black log (with charred wood trim?) & the plastic quality will be a step down if you look at current trends from Toyota Motor Corp. The flowing vertical center console of the current car is a design theme that Lexus has set since the original LS400 & should've stuck with it. Personally if I have to consider replacing my current shape GS300 with this, they have to offer the beige/brown interior color with either Red Walnut or Golden Maple trim. Positives are the fantastic looking seats which seems to have 20-way (!) power adjustment with butterfly headrests which are very comfy. The LS has 16-way & the S-class multi-contour seat has 22-way.  
    • I can understand why you hate the facelift LS460, the original form was much better, unique and had a subtle and understated elegent look to it.. I think they made the LS460 too 'mainstream' with the facelift..
    • @Rido : My thoughts exactly. I always thought the original LS460 front - the headlights, grille, airdam & fogs looked 'perfect'. Not anymore. In fact if I was in the market for an LS now, I wouldn't buy the 2011 LS, instead I would go for a 2009 LSh or 460 while they are still only a couple years old...
    • @Rido : My thoughts exactly. I always thought the original LS460 front - the headlights, grille, airdam & fogs looked 'perfect'. Not anymore. In fact if I was in the market for an LS now, I wouldn't buy the 2011 LS, instead I would go for a 2009 LSh or 460 while they are still only a couple years old...
    • Rlz

      The flowing vertical center console better be present on the next LS.. because when I look at the current LS460/600H interior I see the ultimate perfection, luxury, refinement and quality.
    • Yes, the facelifted LS center console design is a better job than the exterior, though the original is still better with those curved chrome highlights & stereo controls.
    • Yes. Lexus should definitely be better in every field! And work much harder for it! >:] I like your current avatar so much better than the one with the CL. hehe
    • Thanks, WoL!. It's a 2007 LS460 dash... but I may have to go back to the CL if the next gen LS sucks :-(
    • aha Np! I made you change it, remember? hehe
    • Yup, I guess I owe you, HA HA...
  10. Lexus' main problem is that they have been so good for so long, they are actually competing with themselves.  We have a 2006 GS300 AWD in our household and it is a magnificent automobile--fast, rare, beautiful, flawlessly assembled, balanced, sure-footed, quiet, smooth, with good gas mileage.  This new GS is probably an improvement in a lot of areas over ours, but it's not like we are suffering or frustrated because our old GS is so damn slow.  Besides, it only has 45k on the odo and its paid for. Here's hoping Lexus finds folks who will buy and love their GS like we do, but we won't be trading up  We even named ours and the wife is quite attached to it.  She claims that when it is parked next to the LS, the two cars look like a successful industrialist with his trophy wife.  Her GS makes her feel like a trophy wife--you don't trade that in.
    • JVX

      I feel the same too. Maybe you should change your name to 'Three-Lexus Houshold'.  Get the 4th Gen GS for your kid.
    • No kids so that's not an option.  But whether you should actually give a Lexus to kid is a good question.  Because our Lexii are so quiet, they are deceptively fast.  A kid could into a lot of trouble very quickly.  Every once in a while, I walk my LS up to 140 mph on my secret road and I can still hear the Mozart. I do know guys who have given their RXs to their daughters, but that seems more sane than buying a 4th Gen GS for a teenage boy.  I know how I drove at that age and I had a Triumph TR-4 that sounded like it was about to explode at 80 mph.  Yes, I know you are probably safer at 120 in a GS than at 80 in a TR-4, but at 80, you are still within the normal range of traffic flow while at 120, you are a heartbeat away from a very expensive conversation with an angry cop.
    • Shouldn't it be a CT instead?
  11. I'm amazed that people give it no credit for having a true diffuser out back!  Everybody is focused on the taillights. How many sedans have that? If a diffuser doesn't telegraph performance, nothing will! BD
    • Yeah! I noticed that too... a little later. aha And it's a diffuser with blades!!! Are you also BlackDynamite on Auto Spies? (I hope I haven't asked this before.)
    • Erm ... I only focus on the taillight's side fin . XD Edit ... not just the rear diffuser , even the sideskirt is made for channel air instead of look .
    • There's only on Black Dynamite.   Can you dig it? BD
    • That's a fake diffuser, just for bling. There's no way on earth it'll produce even 1kg of downforce at any speed !
  12. This site's average daily bandwidth is around 3GB -- today, I've served up over 20GB. Crazy.
  13. JVX

    Thanks for sharing the photos.  I love them all.  I'm so glad Lexus decided to split the grille, with the bottom grille wider than the top. It gives the appearance of a menacing look, unlike the happier look of the current IS.  I believe Lexus terms it 'spindle grille' and it will be adapted in future models as well.  I'm so excited. Lexus is heading in the right direction with boldness and aggressiveness in mind.  Haha, much better than the rib-cage found on the BMWs,    
  14. 16 of 36 is my favorite shot of the front end... I love the triangle fold running from the head-light, across the hood, right above the wheel well... and the angled chamfered edge under the head-light, along the bumper. 34 of 36... I hope they do a black back on the driver's & front passenger's seats... they showed it on one of the prototypes... maybe on the hybrid or F... it makes the seats look thinner and more contemporary... plus, I think it would cost less if all the assemblies were done that way.
    • 1 of 36... I wish/hope the tail-light bumper highlight lines up with something on the lens (it could have run up to the tip of the tail-light; but I guess that would have been too predictable)... I love how the scalloped rocker panel flows into the concave section of the lower reflectors, above the exhaust... I miss the "A" shape that ran from the exhaust to the trunk lid, of the concept's rear end... and I still can't get a handle on the bulging rear fender flair at the shoulder line; I wish it was integrated into the door handle better (maybe it will make more sense in person).
  15. A very, very stunning car from every single angle. Such a good looking beast!
  16. #12 was my late-August screensaver BD