2013 Lexus GS 350 Videos

Along with a huge photo gallery, Lexus has released a number of 2013 Lexus GS 350 videos — here are the ones I’ve come across so far, starting with the clip that shown right before the GS was revealed last week:

The beginning shot with the moon is great — it reminded me a lot of the second-gen GS Something Wicked This Way Comes commercials, which has me thinking we can expect a similarly aggressive marketing campaign for this new GS.

Next up is a montage of three videos, all similar to the clip above:

There’s interior night shots sprinkled throughout these videos, and the cabin looks fantastic with all its illumination — the interior looks so great, I’m convinced it could sell the car on its own.

We move over to Lexus UK for our last two videos — we begin with this design oriented look at the new GS styling:

Last up is this great driving video:

One interesting fact, and something that’s quite clear from this video, is that special attention was paid to the sound of the new GS — similar to what we’ve seen both with the IS F & the LFA. It begs the question: if the base model sounds this good, what can we expect from the F-Sport edition?