Lexus CT 200h Commercial: Drum Roll

Lexus Europe has just released their launch commercial for the CT 200h, and it has a real beat to it:

The variety of drums used is amazing, and this behind-the-scenes video shows the effort that went into arranging such a large cast:

There’s also a series of interviews with some of the drummers over at the Lexus Europe Youtube page if you’re looking for some more details — I especially liked this one.

(I’m really digging the “Quiet Revolution” tagline — it really plays to the CT 200h’s strengths.)


  1. @krew hey check it out!
  2. Camera car is an Audi :-(>:-( They couldn't switch the camera onto a Lexus. I know the its the company they hired that has the vehicle and what not.
  3. The UK Kylie Minogue version is better!
  4. here is Taiwan version
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