Classic Lexus SC 430 Commercial

In keeping with the spirit of this weekend’s Super Bowl and its commercial breaks, here’s a classic SC 430 commercial that’s always good for a laugh:

(After a week of heavy snow here in the North East, I could really go for some summer with a convertible, even if it meant putting up with these scheming old men.)


  1. So charming! Love it! :-)
  2. That was really smooth. Still a great car
  3. The SC430 is one of the most underrated vehicle in the Lexus lineup. It a very beautiful convertible with very nice soft, fluid lines that will age well.
  4. Should have used hot, young Italian women instead of geezery, old Italian guys. Lexus marketing peaked with the whole 'ball bearing on rolling along the body seams' concept. It has become invisible since then.
  5. Very nice! Classic!
  6. I own one - 200mm back-seat-leg-space would have made it usable for family and stretched it longer. I like it very much anyway - good alibi for a bit of bit of peaceful time on wheels. The experts have underrated it but time will rediscover its great quality, value and concept.