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More North American Lexus LFAs

Six Lexus LFAs in North America

Last week, we had a look at the first three Lexus LFAs to arrive in North America, and now we can see the rest of the first shipment delivered to California — six LFAs in all — courtesy of Club Lexus editor flipside909.

The remaining LFAs are all in colors we’ve seen before:

#004 Whitest White on Red/Black

Lexus LFA 004

#005 Pearl Grey on Red/Black

Lexus LFA 005

#009 Black on Red/Black

Lexus LFA 009

Amazing that with the exception of the #026 Black on Black LFA, every interior so far has been in some combination of red & black. Not only that, every production LFA delivered so far has red brake callipers! This is likely due to units being grouped by their interior color combinations.

To get a full breakdown of each of the six North America LFAs, you can visit Club Lexus for all the details.

[Source: Kaizen Factor]

I would have to say of these three exterior colors, to me white looks by far the best for the LFA.
One thing worth noting: From the looks of it, the rear license plates won’t make loud, clanging noises when the glass trunklid/hatch is closed. There’s two little bolsters below the top two holes for the license plate screws. Are they like that now on all Lexus vehicles?!
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  • January 26, 2011
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  • January 26, 2011
@WorldofLuxury: You know... until you made that comment about the license plate noise from closing the trunk... I now notice my GS400 does it too...
@Travis: aha my bad... My 1998 LS 400 has a hard Longo Lexus frame. I simply put this thick, hard, foamy thing underneath the bottom of the license plate to get rid of the noise. On my 2003 LX 470, the Longo Lexus frame became this, soft, flimsy thing. The license plate itself didn't make any noises, so I relunctantly removed the frame.
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  • January 27, 2011
Like to see one with saddle tan on the interior... My choice would be pearl or ivory white with saddle tan interior. It's funny how most people opt for the interior colour the prototype has.
toyotaclassics wrote:It’s funny how most people opt for the interior colour the prototype has.
I bet this has more to do with buyers being familiar with the color scheme and just sticking with that. (I'd go for a black leather/white stitching kind of look myself -- I think. 8-) )