More North American Lexus LFAs

Six Lexus LFAs in North America

Last week, we had a look at the first three Lexus LFAs to arrive in North America, and now we can see the rest of the first shipment delivered to California — six LFAs in all — courtesy of Club Lexus editor flipside909.

The remaining LFAs are all in colors we’ve seen before:

#004 Whitest White on Red/Black

Lexus LFA 004

#005 Pearl Grey on Red/Black

Lexus LFA 005

#009 Black on Red/Black

Lexus LFA 009

Amazing that with the exception of the #026 Black on Black LFA, every interior so far has been in some combination of red & black. Not only that, every production LFA delivered so far has red brake callipers! This is likely due to units being grouped by their interior color combinations.

To get a full breakdown of each of the six North America LFAs, you can visit Club Lexus for all the details.

[Source: Kaizen Factor]