First Production Lexus LFAs Arrive in North America

Lexus LFA Unboxing

The first production Lexus LFAs have arrived in North America, and Club Lexus editor Flipside909 was there to see them “unboxed” from their cargo containers — tuns out it’s quite the production:

  • Each LFA ships in its own clean container with a pink painted metal pallet designed specifically to secure the car during transport.
  • Each LFA pallet is sent back to Japan after use to transport the next shipment of cars. 5 can be stacked at one time.
  • The LFA is not covered in exterior plastic during transport. This is to ensure proper paint curing from the time it leaves the Motomachi Plant to its final destination.
  • It takes about 7-10 days (weather permitting) for an LFA to ship from the port in Japan to the Port of Long Beach.
  • All US bound LFAs will only go through Toyota’s facilities at the Port of Long Beach for de-vanning of the shipping container.
  • Each LFA will be delivered by a special Lexus transporter to the new owner’s preferred Lexus dealer.

Without further adieu, here are the first three North American LFAs:

#003 Metallic Silver on Red

Lexus LFA #003 Exterior
Lexus LFA #003 Interior

#006 LFA: Whitest White on Red

Lexus LFA #006 Exterior
Lexus LFA #006 Interior

#026 LFA Black on Black

Lexus LFA Black #026
Lexus LFA #026 Black Interior

(Have to say, that Black on Black LFA is probably my favorite color combination yet — it’s hardly practical for the daily grind, but then the LFA is hardly practical driver to begin with.)

[Source: Kaizen Factor]