Lexus CT 200h Launches in Japan

Lexus CT 200h Launches in Japan

The 2011 Lexus CT 200h went on sale in Japan today, and with it comes a fresh new website with plenty of new Japan-only details — but first, here’s some new photos:

Here’s a chart with the full exterior color choices — note the F-Sport package in the middle:

Lexus CT 200h Japan Exterior Color Options

Here’s Japan’s range of interior options, including cloth, NuLuxe & Leather materials:

Lexus CT 200h Japan Interior NuLuxe Cloth

Lexus CT 200h Japan Interior Leather

Finally, the various trims:

Lexus CT 200h Japan Trims

There’s also new video overviews for the CT Concept, Design, Performance, Safety & Comfort.

The CT 200h will have four trim levels in Japan: the base model at 3.55m yen ($42,500 USD), the version C at 3,75m yen ($44,900 USD), version L at 4.33m yen ($51,951 USD), and the F-Sport package (which will be detailed in my next post).

Update: Carscoop is reporting that Lexus Japan expects to sell 1,500 units a month.

[Source: Lexus Japan]


  1. RDS

    Wow ! That's awesome !
  2. OMG, look at these awesome rims!!!! Hope they offer them in US... so cool 8-)
  3. I noticed the following: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices ---------------------------------------------------------------- Powertrain Price* ---------------------------------------------------------------- version L 4,300,000 yen CT 200h F Sport Front-wheel drive 4,050,000 yen version C 3,750,000 yen 3,550,000 yen ---------------------------------------------------------------- What is the difference between Version L and C?
  4. I read that there is a Version L and C...What's the difference?
  5. pj

    @Eddie: That Modellista kit looks great, really aggressive without being way over the top. Especially like the quad tailpipes!
  6. pj
  7. @Troy: Base model has 15" wheels, fabric or that nulux???(whatever that called) seats Verison C has the 16" wheels plus whatever the base model has. Version L has the 17" wheels; leather seats F-Sport has the 17" wheels. Pretty much just cosmetic differences.
  8. Troy wrote:I read that there is a Version L and C…What’s the difference?
    It's hard to say for sure since I don't read Japanese, but @emptystreets130 has listed the visible differences. I imagine it's along the same line as the U.S. trim levels.
  9. Updated the post with Lexus Japan's sales estimate for the CT 200h, which is 1,500 units a month, according to Carscoop.