Lexus IS Precision Tour in New York

2011 Lexus IS F

If you’re anywhere near Monticello Motor Club in New York, I have some excellent news — this Saturday, Lexus USA is kicking off the IS Precision Tour, which means track-time with both the 2011 IS 350 & IS F!

There will be six two-hour sessions throughout the day, and one lucky participant from each group will get a chance at a LFA hot-lap with Justin Bell. Even better, if you score the best lap time on a special autocross time challenge, Lexus will arrange for you to attend SPEED TV’s annual Dream Ride.

To reserve your spot, call the LEXUS SPECIAL EVENTS LINE at 1-888-747-4504 — more dates will be announced when the tour resumes in January.

(Thanks Nancy & Jeanna!)


  1. COME TO LA!!!
  2. Yes, I sure hope this makes a stop in Southern California.
  3. Think im going to check this out.
  4. I am writing to share that, to my greatest surprise, I was the winner up at Monticello! I am waiting to hear details of the trip. Regarding the hot laps with Justin, the LFA is incredible. As we were coming back into the pits I told him that he had the best job in the world. He responded, "yes, I really do have the best job in the world!" I better understand why having a strong core is so important! Gonna start working out again in anticipation of April coming around the corner. All the best, Peter :-)
  5. @Peter: That's fantastic news, congratulations! If I remember correctly, it was on an autocross course, right? What was your final time? 8-)
  6. I am a bit embarrassed to admit this but I really didn't think I went very fast. I remember wincing at every corner thinking,"oh that was slow!" and "darn it!, braked too soon!" so as I finished the autocross I remember stopping the car and thinking, "that stunk!, Oh well". I didn't even know that this contest existed on the ride up to the track. I just wanted to drive. Then, as I came back around to the starting line, I saw my friend jumping up and down giving me the thumbs-up and others clapping and it took my brain a few seconds to realize why. The best that I remember is that it was 16.11 something. I am I not even sure that is correct. I do remember that the the fastest up to that point (and I was in the 1:00PM group) was 6.17something...and I can even be wrong on that. I have a horrible memory! Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!
  7. Just got back from Sonoma Friday night. The people at Lexus and Speed treated all of the winners like royalty! This event was top notch in every way!
  8. Hey Krew, Is the NorthEast excluded from the IS Precision Tour this year?