Car & Driver Video: Lexus LFA & Ferrari 599 HGTE

Car & Driver has posted a video featuring the Lexus LFA & a Ferrari 599 HGTE driving through Wales:

The video’s all well and good, but what’s with this quote?:

[The LFA] has got a fantastic chassis, great steering that’s Ferrari-like, chassis is really well balanced, tons of grip, tons of downforce, fantastic carbon-ceramic brakes, I mean, it is the real deal — it’s just that the thing you can’t get your head around is…it’s a Lexus, and it’s a supercar. They’re supposed to be granddad cars, slow, boring, soft, comfortable, not particularly exciting — but this thing is a rocketship.

We’ve seen this kind of thinking time and again — this car is great, but it’s still a Lexus. Too many journalists are reading from the same script, and it’s getting old.

Let’s look at this realistically: Not only is this a supercar backed by Lexus’ (battered but undeniable) reliability, customer service, and attention to detail, but it’s also the crown-jewel of Toyota, the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and the pride & joy of its CEO, Akio Toyoda. Why the people behind the LFA would ever be held up as a bad thing, I have no idea — it’s bias with no basis.

The question shouldn’t be Why does this car exist?, but Why didn’t this car exist sooner?