New Lexus IS & ES Commercials

Two new Lexus commercials have debuted online — one for the IS, the other for the ES — with both commercials focusing on the differences between Lexus models and their competitors.

First up is the ES 350, which is once again being taken apart for the cameras:

Next up is this commercial for the IS 350, and it features that same kind of precise driving seen in last month’s IS ad:

This type of direct competitor comparison is a different direction than we’re used to seeing from Lexus, but the more aggressive position is a welcome change and absolutely necessary — Lexus has been #1 in US sales this past decade for good reason, and these commercials proudly demonstrate why.


  1. Yeah... Lexus needs this. Let them have this one!
  2. I saw these on the Lexus youtube channel yesterday and was surprised how aggressive the new ads are. Is this a first for Lexus or have they done direct comparisons before?
  3. The IS commercial gave me chills. That's how [s]good[/s] Great it is! Frame shot 0:22-30 just WOW Pause frame 0:27... To capture and evoke a feeling from your targeted audience. Lexus, advertising/commercials are in a League of their own. Who is their ad agency do you guys know I want to submit my resume! lol
  4. JVX

    This IS ad is directed specifically against the Germans on the performance level. Oh man, I'm scare now.
  5. Now about the new G37 with its 330hp and just slightly lower 269 Lb-ft of torque.
  6. Very true about the German cars. For things that are standard in other, they charge for an arm and a leg and it adds up.
  7. Have a Merc and soon the M3, but towards the future a GS-F/IS-F for sure. Common overly cliche'd saying is that the Japanese (Lexus) are so far behind the Merc/BMW. In the real world w/o fanboy bias they are 1 model-cycle away from equaling. GS-F, next IS-F maybe? Materials Lexus use and the attention to details is just ridiculous. My next luxury ride is definitely going to be sporting the Lexus F badge!
  8. WorldofLuxury wrote:Now about the new G37 with its 330hp and just slightly lower 269 Lb-ft of torque.
    The best 0-60 time the G37 has ever done is 5.0 secs by MotorTrend, while the IS350 did 4.9 secs in Road and Track long ago.;-)
  9. I know this is a little off-topic, but Motortrend just posted their review of the CT. Surprisingly, it wasn't nearly as bad as some of the other reviews. They praised it's high fuel economy, smooth ride, and high quality interior. Here's a quote from the article. "Near-Prius fuel economy? Check. Lexus predicts 42 mpg city and 41 mpg highway. Lexus-quality interior and materials? Check. Lexus-quality ride and reduced noise/vibration/harshness? You bet. Heftier price tag? Just enough that the average customer can justify trading a few mpgs for Lexus cachet." Read more:
  10. Im glad Lexus finally started throwing shots back at its competitors because competitors been throwing shots at Lexus since day!!!
  11. Finally... they fight back... they got hit hard from their competitors in the past...
  12. DJ

    i bought the same car two weeks ago, love it!!! love the luxury, love the speed..