Next-Gen Lotus Esprit to use Lexus LFA Engine?

Lexus LFA Engine

Edmunds’ Inside Line is reporting that the next generation Lotus Esprit may be powered by the same V10 engine used in the Lexus LFA:

The next-generation Lotus Esprit supercar, details of which will be announced at the2010 Paris Auto Show next month, could be powered by the 552-horsepower Lexus LFA V10, says a source close to the company.

That would be for the Esprit in its ultimate form — the more mainstream version would be offered with a V8, also likely to be sourced from Lexus. That engine will probably be a version of the 416-hp 5.0-liter engine fitted to the Lexus IS F sedan. When asked to confirm this possibility, a Lotus spokesman said that he “couldn’t comment.”

This isn’t the first time this rumor has been reported, and given that Toyota has been supplying Lotus with engines for over 25 years, this has a very good chance of being true. Should that be the case, it’s good for everyone involved. Lotus gets a supercar powerplant that can compete with the best in the game, and Toyota gets to recoup some of the development cost of limited-edition, high-cost LFA.

Seems like a win all round to me.

[Source: Inside Line]