Lexus July 2010 Sales Report

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The Lexus USA sales numbers are in for July 2010, here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2010 2009 % CHG* 2010 2009 % CHG*
ES 4,093 4,393 -10.3 26,102 24,756 5.4
HS 165 0 N/A 6,657 0 N/A
LS 986 874 8.6 6,636 5,731 15.8
SC 36 57 -39.2 222 542 -59.0
GS 592 551 3.5 4,078 4,107 -0.7
IS 3,100 4,029 -25.9 19,242 19,710 -2.4
Total Cars 8,972 9,904 -12.8 62,937 54,846 14.8
LX 286 215 28.1 1,877 1,957 -4.1
GX 1,175 587 92.8 9,241 3,994 131.4
RX 8,162 7,811 0.6 51,970 47,780 8.8
Total Trucks 9,623 8,613 7.6 63,088 53,731 17.4
Total Sales 18,595 18,517 -3.3 126,025 108,577 16.1

While I’m sure Lexus doesn’t like seeing a dip in the year-over-year sales numbers, the decline can be attributed almost entirely to the HS 250h stop sale that was in place for most of the month due to a recall. Even so, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some interesting variation in this month’s sales, particularly with the IS & LX models.

The IS saw a 25.9% drop in sales, which is significant for such a high-volume model, though it may partially due to the expected changes in 2011 edition. The LX, on the other hand, is experiencing a resurgence, jumping up 28.1% over last July. In fact, all the Lexus SUVs performed well this month, which fits in with the industry-wide trend of increased SUV sales.


Canadian sales were released, and sales were down 20.6% with 1,201 vehicles sold. There were a couple bright spots though, with LS 460 sales up 23.5% (21 units sold) and the GX showing a 112.5% (34 units sold) increase over last year.

[Source: Lexus]


  1. Excuses... lol Anyways, where's Stevie Dan Wonder?
  2. the Rx is very resiliant.
  3. Despite the drama's Toyota and Lexus are enduring at the moment which is undeniably the most challenging period in the companies history - sales infact remain relatively strong which is a good indicator that sales will remain strong for the foreseeable future and no-doubt regain momentum as the current issues are gradually resolved and new models that will eventually come to market over the next couple of years.
  4. The sale figures show how the SC is out-dated. It is long overdue for a refresh. The HS, with only 165, is a rare siting. Had Lexus marketed it as an IS250h, with an IS body along with a hybrid system, I'm sure the sales figure will be much higher. Styling is very important, particularly for younger generation. That's a fact. The HS doesn't cut it. I'm sure the CT200h, with a sportier/finesse style, will do much better when it comes out.
  5. JVX. wrote:I’m sure the CT200h, with a sportier/finesse style, will do much better when it comes out.
    It's so hard to say in the USA, but I think in almost every other market, the CT will become the best-selling Lexus in short order.