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Lexus July 2010 Sales Report


The Lexus USA sales numbers are in for July 2010, here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2010 2009 % CHG* 2010 2009 % CHG*
ES 4,093 4,393 -10.3 26,102 24,756 5.4
HS 165 0 N/A 6,657 0 N/A
LS 986 874 8.6 6,636 5,731 15.8
SC 36 57 -39.2 222 542 -59.0
GS 592 551 3.5 4,078 4,107 -0.7
IS 3,100 4,029 -25.9 19,242 19,710 -2.4
Total Cars 8,972 9,904 -12.8 62,937 54,846 14.8
LX 286 215 28.1 1,877 1,957 -4.1
GX 1,175 587 92.8 9,241 3,994 131.4
RX 8,162 7,811 0.6 51,970 47,780 8.8
Total Trucks 9,623 8,613 7.6 63,088 53,731 17.4
Total Sales 18,595 18,517 -3.3 126,025 108,577 16.1

While I’m sure Lexus doesn’t like seeing a dip in the year-over-year sales numbers, the decline can be attributed almost entirely to the HS 250h stop sale that was in place for most of the month due to a recall. Even so, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some interesting variation in this month’s sales, particularly with the IS & LX models.

The IS saw a 25.9% drop in sales, which is significant for such a high-volume model, though it may partially due to the expected changes in 2011 edition. The LX, on the other hand, is experiencing a resurgence, jumping up 28.1% over last July. In fact, all the Lexus SUVs performed well this month, which fits in with the industry-wide trend of increased SUV sales.


Canadian sales were released, and sales were down 20.6% with 1,201 vehicles sold. There were a couple bright spots though, with LS 460 sales up 23.5% (21 units sold) and the GX showing a 112.5% (34 units sold) increase over last year.

[Source: Lexus]

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  • W
  • August 3, 2010
Excuses... lol Anyways, where's Stevie Dan Wonder?
  • J
  • August 4, 2010
the Rx is very resiliant.
Despite the drama's Toyota and Lexus are enduring at the moment which is undeniably the most challenging period in the companies history - sales infact remain relatively strong which is a good indicator that sales will remain strong for the foreseeable future and no-doubt regain momentum as the current issues are gradually resolved and new models that will eventually come to market over the next couple of years.
  • J
  • August 4, 2010
The sale figures show how the SC is out-dated. It is long overdue for a refresh. The HS, with only 165, is a rare siting. Had Lexus marketed it as an IS250h, with an IS body along with a hybrid system, I'm sure the sales figure will be much higher. Styling is very important, particularly for younger generation. That's a fact. The HS doesn't cut it. I'm sure the CT200h, with a sportier/finesse style, will do much better when it comes out.
JVX. wrote:I’m sure the CT200h, with a sportier/finesse style, will do much better when it comes out.
It's so hard to say in the USA, but I think in almost every other market, the CT will become the best-selling Lexus in short order.