Lexus LFA Sets Goodwood Circuit Track Record

As it turns out, Dutch magazine Autoweek set a new Goodwood Circuit track record with the Lexus LFA a couple weeks back — here’s the footage of the lap:

According to Fastestlaps, the LFA ran the track at 1:24.8 — almost 3 seconds faster than the second place Nissan GT-R at 1:27.70. Even more impressive? In a previous video, we saw the LFA compete the Circuit in 1:27.65, which means the Lexus supercar actually takes the top two spots.

[Via: Club Lexus]


  1. Awesome. Dang... the number 3 and 6 has been haunting me since that Top Gear episode. lol
  2. Wow. Top Gear really needs to compare this to the 458 Italia and set a new dry track time.
  3. I'd expect the LFA to very well on the Top Gear track, like Goodwood, it has plenty of straights to take advantage of.
  4. The LFA has very interesting side windows.
  5. Saw this video looks cool!!
  6. @WorldofLuxury: Nvm. Just remembered that the LFA side windows don't have frames.