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Lexus LFA Goodwood Circuit Laps

During the Goodwood Festival a couple weeks back, Lexus let a series of journalists sample the LFA on the Goodwood Circuit. The car was set up to record the laps in full detail, and now three journalists have published their videos online:

And the longest one by far, a full 15 minutes of LFA racing by Riggers from Pistonheads:

Looks to me that 1.27:65 is the fastest lap of them all — hard to really judge though with the frequent pitstops.

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  • July 19, 2010
Gets to 150 quite quickly. The write up on PisonHeads is a great one until he mentions price, he praises everything about the car then say's it basically isn't worth it. Off Topic: Hope the naysayers about GT's lack of sense of speed views this & similar videos and see that even though this car is barrelling down the straight at 140mph+ it hardly looks it.
  • W
  • July 19, 2010
Nice track: lots of places to speed and lots of fast corners.
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  • July 19, 2010
I don't even pay attention to the people who claim 'it isn't worth it' because that's in the minds of the likes of us. Only the people who live lavishly or have the means to buy half million dollar cars can purchase LFA's and such. On the pistonheads website in the comments section, someone says that a previous race driver took part as well and drove a 1:24.8- almost 3 seconds faster than riggers. With enough laps I bet 5 seconds could be found from the 1:27's. Also on fastest laps website, the LFA lap time driven by riggers is the fastest around the track. 2nd place was- the Nissan GTR- with a 1:27.8- so taking into account that 1:24.8 is possible, that's 3 seconds per lap faster than a Nissan GTR. That's quick!