Lexus June 2010 Sales Report

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USA June sales are in — here’s a full model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2010 2009 % CHG* 2010 2009 % CHG*
ES 3,366 3,918 -14.1 22,009 20,363 8.8
HS 603 0 N/A 6,492 0 N/A
LS 739 806 -8.3 5,650 4,857 17.1
SC 39 82 -52.4 186 485 -61.4
GS 539 454 18.7 3,486 3,556 -1.3
IS 2,863 3,465 -17.4 16,142 15,681 3.6
Total Cars 8,149 8,725 -6.6 53,965 44,942 20.9
LX 267 265 0.8 1,591 1,742 -8.1
GX 1,120 529 111.7 8,066 3,407 138.3
RX 7,796 7,355 6.0 43,808 39,969 10.3
Total Trucks 9,183 8,149 12.7 53,465 45,118 19.3
Total Sales 17,332 16,874 2.7 107,430 90,060 20.1

After a 31% increase in sales last month, numbers are down throughout the lineup — though last month’s high figures were a result of the “Unprecedented Access” sales event, and this month both the LS & HS were subject to stopped sales due to their respective recalls.

Hard to say how the recalls will affect sales, but the GX is seeing a strong sales increase despite the stability control recall earlier this year, so it could go either way. Still, there has to be some concern that the car with the only year-over-year increase is also the (soon-to-be) oldest model in the lineup.


Lexus Canada sold 1,429 Lexus vehicles in June, up 1.9% from the year previous. Lexus SUVs had their best-ever June with 819 units sold, with RX 450h sales up 116.1% and the GX 460 up 104.5%. The IS convertible also enjoyed a good month, up 59.3% compared to last year with 43 units sold.

[Source: Lexus]


  1. The fallback is good. That means we can expect some quality vehicles for the next 10 years or so. :-P
  2. Btw, the Lexus SC 430 has a lot of racing pedigree in Japan. Annoyingly, the TOM's SC probably has forced-induction. Anyways, I wish the new LFA can continue the bloodline. Apparently, Lexus Europe is being very proactive in getting attention; their facebook is very personal, warming, and welcoming and is involved in the many European events in which Lexus Europe participates. Lexus should really put their heart into the next-generation IS and have it participate in European touring car races - involve the CTh too. And Toyota... please pull out of NASCAR with your silly Camry. Maybe have an LFA rival the Corvette at Sebring. Even more, get back into prototype races and advertise more. Any chance Toyota is gutsy enough to return to F1? Now this part is risky because the Toyota F1 team had a lot of investment with no results. Anyways, about the LFA and IS advertisments; KEEP THEM COMING! I have friends of all sorts getting excited about the Lexus brand as a whole!