Lexus Magazine Feature on GX 460

Lexus GX 460 Lexus Magazine

Lexus Magazine has a nice feature up on the GX 460:

The freeway is white with snow. The windshield wipers can barely keep up with the endless flakes rapidly hitting the glass. Gripping the wheel, I glance down at the navigation system. Just 20 miles to my destination, but it could take an hour or more if the traffic in front of me slows to a soggy, monotonous crawl.

Conditions couldn’t be more perfect.

This is my third storm in a week of test-driving the 2010 GX 460, which Lexus redesigned and released last fall, almost quietly…But over the winter, SUV drivers and veteran Lexus owners started to take notice: this mid-size SUV—larger than the RX, smaller than the LX—was selling very well. And after 1,200 miles of driving it through New Mexico and Texas, I’m starting to understand why.

I always enjoy reviews that get away from pure stats and figures and bring a personal touch — it makes for an interesting contrast to most vehicle reviews.

[Source: Lexus Magazine]