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Autoblog Lexus CT 200h Photos

Only moments after I linked to Lexus Europe’s Facebook photo of the CT 200h, Autoblog posted up a massive photo gallery from the preview event—check this car out:

Lexus CT 200h Autoblog photos

Lexus CT 200h Autoblog photos

Also mentioned on Autoblog:

Interestingly, though Lexus has yet to confirm what markets the CT will enter, our men on the scene report back, “Lexus executives were adamant about a near-simultaneous global launch a year from now. In their own words, the United States and Japan will receive the CT 200h, even if it was developed as an euro-centric model. First deliveries should begin in Q1 2011.”

Be sure to check out the full gallery, plenty of photos to go through.

[Source: Autoblog] (Thanks World of Luxury!)

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