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Official Lexus CT 200h Photo Gallery

Two days after the Lexus CT 200h was leaked by way of a press brochure, official images of the new hatchback have been released:

I’m very impressed with how the designers were able to incorporate the LF-Ch’s grille into the final design, in fact, I like the entire front-end. The LED headlights are a highlight, especially now that we can see the LS-style LED running lights.

The CT 200h does have a rather ordinary side profile, but the the overall shape is well-proportioned. I’m not sure what’s going on with the sheetmetal shark-fin on the rear passenger doors, though it wouldn’t be so pronounced with a darker exterior color. The wheels are an inch too small, but I have to say I’m all over that alternating speed blur spoke pattern.

Glad to see it’s the rear wiper is hidden like the RX. In fact, there’s a lot of the RX in the rear design, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Nothing wrong with some design consistency. And how about those integrated exhaust pipes?

But more than anything, the interior is something special—clearly inspired by BMW, but with a friendlier, softer edge. The LFA-style steering wheel is a beauty, especially with the contrast stitching and the shift stalk looks like a piece of art.

I like how the driving mode change dial is front & center, allowing easy access to both the ECO & Sport mode. It also lights up red when Sport mode is select, as does the instrument panel and the center console spotlight. A clever sporty touch.

I need to look at these photos in detail for a while—more later.

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