Lexus L-Select LS 600hL from Japan

Lexus LS 600hL L-Select

Photos of the L-Select customization program offered by Lexus Japan have been hard to come by—that is, until I was sent the link to this absolutely massive LS 600hL gallery with one of the unique L-Select trims. Here’s just a small selection:

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Just look at these detail shots:

Lexus L-Select LS 600hL
Lexus L-Select LS 600hL
Lexus L-Select LS 600hL

I’m not sold on the crosshatch wood, but that diamond headliner and the contrast stitching are both a 10/10—and as a complete package, it’s unbelievable. Love the level of customization. Beautifully done.

(Be sure to visit the Car Watch website for more than 100 photos of the JDM LS 600hL—absolutely exceptional.)

(Thanks Holger!)