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The Lexus L-Select Customization Program

The new L-Select Lexus customization program has launched in Japan. This program, which is currently limited to the LS, makes it possible to pick and choose your leather, wood trim, even your roof material.

Here’s a small sampling of the possible interior combinations:

These are some serious interior options, I’m all over that IS-F inspired red/black interior. The laser-cut wood is hard to judge in photos, but it might be a nice look depending on the pattern.

In the short term, L-Select will be limited to the Japanese market, but this level of customization is going to be a central element as the automakers look to upgrade the luxury aspects of their vehicles.

For a full table of options, you can refer to the Lexus Japan press release (translated).

[Via: Club Lexus]

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  • December 13, 2010
I have repeatedly asked Lexus USA to add some additional leather/wood/color choices. I've owned five different LS and SC products since 1990 point and I categorically REFUSE to buy any more Lexus products until I can get some different leather/wood/exterior color choices. I'm tired of the same choices after 20 years of ownership. How hard is it to order some different wood from Yamaha and install the kits as ordered? My dealer says I can order different wood/leather combos for $1000 but why do I have to pay $1000 to just get them to pound in a different wood choice? Come on Lexus, LIVE A LITTLE... or be consumed by Hyundai!!!! Remember Cadillac's arrogance in the early 1990's...
@Anonymous: Hi there -- I edited your alias, as I'm pretty sure you're not from a Lexus dealership. :-)