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White Lexus LF-A Spotted!

The news never stops when it comes to Lexus & Germany—it’s not enough that the LF-Ch and refreshed versions of the LS, GS, and IS debuted, but now a practically-production LF-A has been photographed at Nürburgring (click for larger versions):

White Lexus LF-A from the side

White Lexus LF-A from the rear

Although the expertly-applied white tape does hide the final details, this is the best look we’ve seen yet—the front air intake has been revised, and the side vents look to have been tidied up as well. I also like the little whited-out F-badging on the side, makes me wish for a body color badge on the production model.

It’s expected that the production LF-A will be debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in October, and will be available in a limited capacity some time in 2010.

For more photos, check out the gallery at World Car Fans.

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