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2010 Lexus HS 250h Commercials

Lexus has just released four mini commercials for the HS 250h that highlight the sedan’s non-hybrid technologies:

Additionally, there’s a full length commercial that touches on all of the technologies at once (the sound seemed clipped, though):

Drawing attention to the driver aids in the HS 250h is very smart—after all, even if you subtract the hybrid drivetrain, this is an entry level sedan with an exceptionally high level of technology.

Here’s what Lexus had to say about the new campaign:

“With the HS, we’re bringing something to market that no one ever envisioned,” said Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus. “People want to do the right thing … they want great mpg, but they also want the latest in technology, the latest innovations and a car that’s fun to drive. This vehicle has it all wrapped up in one.”

To launch the HS, the automaker is debuting an integrated marketing campaign highlighting the vehicle’s future-forward innovations. Titled, “Hello Someday,” the campaign reveals that the car of the future is now a reality.

In one of five television spots produced for the launch the voiceover reads: “Someday cars will use infrared to monitor the driver’s face and alert them when they’re not paying attention to the road. Hello Someday.” The ad, which showcases the vehicle’s available Pre-Collision System with Driver Attention Monitor, illustrates how Lexus delivers the possibilities of tomorrow, or “Someday,” to the forefront of the automotive industry today.

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