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Lexus LFA to be offered in 30 colors?

Motor Trend is now in the business of translating and republishing Japanese auto magazines, and that includes a Best Car feature on the upcoming Lexus LFA:

Their translation:

In addition to showing a rendered final form, insiders quoted by Best Car say Toyota officials are looking to rename the car to ‘SS550’. The ‘SS’ standing for ‘super sport’ and ‘550’ for the car’s tremendous horsepower figure. Product planners are also keen on offering the six-figure car in 30 color schemes—12 of which would be standard, the other 18 optional.

Most of this Best Car information was covered in an earlier post, but this is notable due to the more detailed rendering and the news that the LFA would be available in 30 color schemes! That’s a lot of choice for a rumored 500 unit run, and would be comparable to the variety offered by other supercar manufacturers.

(Still don’t find the SS 550 name all that appealing, it seems a shame to build so much around the LFA letters only to drop them for the production model.)

[Source: Best Car via Motor Trend]

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