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New Rumors on the Production Lexus LFA

Japanese magazine Best Car has published the above computer rendering of a possible look for the Lexus LFA production model, and has also included some new information:

  • The LFA will be receiving a new name, possibly the SS (for Super Sport) or GT (Gran Turismo/Tourer).
  • The numeric designation could be 500 or 550, though it’s unclear whether the engine would be a 5L or 5.5L V10. HP estimates remain at 550bhp.
  • Production will be limited to 500 units, with 120 of these marked for sale in Japan.
  • There was also some information regarding the Japanese price, but it didn’t make it through translation. (According to Google’s translation, the LFA will cost 3000 million yen, which is over $30M USD.)

Nothing to say any of this information is true, but it does stand to reason that the LFA would be getting a new name for launch. As for the rendering, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s very close to the production model (though there’s no way the front hood panel gap would be so pronounced.)

[Source: Best Car (translated)]

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