Lexus Announces Assorted 2008 Prices (Plus the 2009 RX 350 Price)

Lexus Logo

Lexus has set the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) for an assortment of models, including the 2009 RX 350, which will skip up $100, bringing the front-wheel-drive version to $37,500 and the all-wheel-drive version to $38,900. The 2009 RX 350 is expected in dealerships by early February 2008.

Other models see a price bump as well:

  • The LS 460 will jump up $500 to $62,000, and the LS 460L will start at $72,000
  • The ES 350 increases by 0.3%, or $100, to $33,820
  • The entire IS range will see $100 increase on all the various versions
  • The RX 450h also sees a $100 increase.

In general, the price increases are rather insignificant, considering, with the exception of the LS. The more significant news is that the 2009 RX 350 price has already been set, which makes me think that the redesigned model (based on the LF-Xh concept) will be released in 2010.

[Source: The Earth Times]