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Some Quality Time with the New LX 570

Agent 001 of Autospies was busy this weekend, first discovering the the new GS 450h Bridgehampton Concept, then spending a few minutes with the Lexus LX 570:

I’m reserving my judgment of the LX 570 exterior until I see it up close and personal, which looks to me to be rather “bubbly”, particularly around the front fenders. I do like the LS-style front-end, but I prefer the boxy look of the LX 450/470. It’s hard to fault Lexus for bringing each of their vehicles under their L-finesse design, though.

I especially like the tailgate design, with the lights being part of the rear window section, very sharp implementation. The interior seems very family oriented, spacious and well-planned, though it’s a shame that due to the rear axle, the third-row seats can’t fold flat.

[Via: Autospies]

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