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The LS 460 Symphony Orchestra Takes the Stage

Lexus LS 460 Symphony Orchestra

Twelve LS 460’s will be filling in for a symphony orchestra this August for two very special performances in Britain:

The twelve vehicles will be arranged onstage to emulate a typical orchestral layout of individual instruments, with strings, brass, woodwind, basses and percussion being performed by each section. In essence each LS 460 will be carefully positioned with their doors open so that the full effect and quality of the Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound audio system can be fully appreciated by the audience.

That was certainly enough to capture my attention, cars as musical instruments? Why not?

Commissioned by Lexus, the LS 460’s will perform two pieces written by Chesney Hawkes, Chris Nicolaides and Alaister King. The shows will take place August 18-19 at Castle Howard and August 25-16 at Pops in the Park in South London.

[Via: Dexigner]