New Lexus LS Commercials

Lexus USA has released two new commercials for the 2013 Lexus LS, and they’re pretty awesome:

There’s also this infomercial-style video:

Really like the direction Lexus has taken the LS marketing — the LS has always been my favorite Lexus, and these commercials capture the personal excitement that I have about the model.


  • Piotrekfilocha

    Nice :)))))

  • Piotrekfilocha

    Nice :)))))

  • Ljn71

    I want one,I want one,I want one,I want one,I want one,I want one,I want one,I want one,I want one,now!!!!  8-D

  • WorldofLuxury

    Great commercials as always although the extra video editing with the soft volume to make the narrator better heard does have a slightly weak overall effect. At least Lexus is not trying to fake thickness of the tires too much.

    In the end, I’m sold! LEXUS COMING STRONG!

  • Aypues

    Paul Williamson needs to go back to school to learn how to pronounce “Simulator” …he sounds like Dubya trying to say “Nuclear”.

    • Ljn71

      “Simlator”  ;-)

  • Guest

    I saw a new Lexus commercial on Hulu, and I am trying to find the song that is playing in the background.  Has anyone seen this commercial where it lets you choose between 3 Lexus ads (the song plays on the choosing screen and also plays if you choose the LS Sport ad)?

    • Biohelixx

       Oh my god, I’m looking for exactly the same thing! Help us out people!

      • Kris M

        i have it….took me a while and a couple beers, but i got it.

      • Biohelixx

         So which one is it?

      • guest

        They posted a further down, but not as a reply. It’s Motivation by Clams Casino.

    • Atownroyal124

      I was looking for it too!! Literally I’ve spent about 45 min. searching for it. It sounds great. Would you mind passing the producer’s name along?

  • F1orce

    Lexus commercial totally outclass Benz & BMW commercials..

  • YourWelcome

    Motivation — Lil B

    • YourWelcome

      Motivation — Clams Casino ****