Busy Year Ahead for Lexus in 2012

2013 Lexus GS Teaser

A recent Automotive News interview with Lexus USA General Manager Mark Templin has outlined part of the Lexus product pipeline for the next two years:

For one thing, four redesigned Lexus sedans will debut before the middle of 2013.

All four of Lexus’ core sedan lines will be redesigned, starting with the GS 350 and GS 450h sport sedans arriving in February, followed by reworked versions of the ES 350, IS 250 and 350, and LS 460 and 600h.

In early 2014, the redesigned volume-leading RX 350 crossover will arrive.

No surprises here, as this would fall in line with the release schedule set by the previous generation (with one exception — if the above list is in order, the next ES will debut before the IS). What makes this interesting is the mid-2013 timeline.

Looking back to this past August, when Akio Toyoda announced at the GS debut in Pebble Beach that nine new or updated Lexus models would be introduced in 2012, the central question was what would classify as new or updated — after all, just counting the standard, F Sport & hybrid GS would account for three of the promised total.

Now, regarding this (possible) mid-2013 timeline for the GS, ES, IS & LS, let’s guess at a couple things:

  • There will be at least four to six months between each model launch.
  • It’s been stated that every existing Lexus model will be offered as a hybrid, so the ES & IS should be getting a hybrid option.
  • Using the GS as a guide, the IS should have an F Sport package at launch.

If all these assumptions are correct, it would suggest that the ES & IS will arrive some time in 2012, with the next-generation LS following in early 2013. Bringing it back around to the nine models scheduled for a 2012 release — if we count hybrid and F Sport models separately, the ES, ES hybrid, IS, IS hybrid & IS F Sport, combined with the GS models, would bring the total to eight.

However, there’s two other models in the Lexus lineup that could also be getting an update next year:

  • Using the first & second generation as a template, the RX has traditionally been refreshed in year four — for the current generation, that would be the 2013 model year.
  • It’s been five years without a change to the LX, and the giant SUV needs a refresh. Add the fact that there’s no 2012 model, and a 2013 update seems likely (the only other model without a 2012 edition? The GS).

Factor in these two potential SUV updates, and the calculations become even more complicated — especially if the rumours of a RX F Sport are true. Add the possibility that the new concept debuting at the Detroit Auto Show could bring back the SC or introduce an all-new model, and it becomes near impossible to predict what 2012 will bring.

The only thing that can be said with any certainty? Next year is going to be very busy (and exciting) for Lexus enthusiasts.

[Source: Automotive News]


  • http://twitter.com/BlackDynamiteNY BlackDynamiteOnline

    More like 3 months between launches

    As I’ve stated here previously, the GS in February, the ES in late spring, the IS in the Fall, and the LS around the Super Bowl, 2013

    After that, this coupe concept should be out by the end of 2013

    • http://www.facebook.com/LexusandThePursuit WorldofLuxury

      Lois on Facebook and Twitter did get a tip from Mark Templin or someone that Lexus is preparing for a big surprise for its debut at next year’s Super Bowl!!! :D

      • http://twitter.com/BlackDynamiteNY BlackDynamiteOnline

        Oh, they have a big ad campaign planned for this coming Super Bowl
        Hopefully, they’ll invest in the 2013 game too, for the LS

      • lexusjoe

        a great surprise for the Super Bowl would be to have the New York Jets playing in it LOL

      • http://twitter.com/BlackDynamiteNY BlackDynamiteOnline

        Don’t be dissin’ my Jets, man!
        They go to the playoffs every year, and are better than most teams out there, like the Giants and Cowgirls

      • lexusjoe

        wasnt dissing them, thats why It would be a “Great Surprise” to have them in the SB. fingers crossed.

    • lexusjoe

      actually, the ES350 is coming out around August, The RX350 F-sport in July and the IS250 will be early 2013.

      • http://twitter.com/BlackDynamiteNY BlackDynamiteOnline

        IS next fall and LS early 2013

      • lexusjoe

        I got the launch info FROM LEXUS directly, not hearsay or “on the street”. The next 15 months will be INCREDIBLE times for Lexus

    • Nnancy5


      Do you know when the 2013IS Convertible line might be released with the new body? Would the IS C model be released in their late fall introduction with the new IS models?

      • Dunraven77

        There is an F Sport model of the ISC being released towards the end of this year. They wouldn’t do this if they were changing the model next year. I think the ISF and ISC will be sold in their current form with the new IS sedan for a couple of years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LexusandThePursuit WorldofLuxury


    Maybe I should start stalking all the mules when I get back to the LA and OC area during my winter break! And attend every Cars and Coffee in case Lexus does something special! I really want Lexus to get the flagships right though! Absolutely NO compromises!!!

  • Wunko

    Can’t wait to see the new cars! It’s about time.

  • Anonymous

    exciting year ahead! 

  • Anonymous

    I remember when I sent you the link to the IS300h patent on the Australian Patent portal. So the article and my finding really correlate.

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    Woohooo sure i will buy this baby!

  • FooFoo

    What about the compact SUV? CX300h?

  • Walterdwilliams

    The GS, ES, and LS will be in the 2012 calendar year. The IS will be spring of 2013.

    • http://twitter.com/BlackDynamiteNY BlackDynamiteOnline

      Sorry. You have the IS and LS mixed up. 

      • Walterdwilliams

        We’ll see.

  • http://twitter.com/FreeSpirit16680 Мохамед Ибрагимов


    am happy for every details i see or you said 

    except as you know the ES

  • joshd

    Can’t wait for a new LS… luxury and sport…drool…

  • JB


  • JB

    Redesigned as in all-new or a refresh?

  • http://www.tomsforeign.com/ Dan Tole

    It’s always fun to see what new tricks they have up their sleeves.  It will also be interesting to see what their advertising strategy is for the new models. 

  • F1

    Well this was coming, look at the current lineup.. Their all 5-7yrs old

  • Alex Sunders

    The LX and RX will be getting spindle grills in 2012.
    The ES and LS should be introduced in the second half of 2012.
    The IS will be launched early 2013.
    After that I wouldn’t expect anything major until 2014.
    I’m looking forward to seeing that SC concept in Detroit, but given the SC’s low volume, I doubt it will be a priority… We probably won’t see a production version for several years.

    • http://twitter.com/BlackDynamiteNY BlackDynamiteOnline

      Sorry, the IS comes next fall, LS early 2013

      IS is long overdue for a resign, but gets pushed back by GS and ES.  
      The LS is due every 5th fall, but the IS will push it back to Winter 2013BD

  • Justin

    A few observations – first, Lexus needs to spread out its model launch dates better. UK Lexus dealers have had a lean time of it over the past few years. So much in 1 year is bad planning.

    Second, I really hope they redesign the rear end of the RX – it’s never looked right, particularly around the license plate and the protruding rear lights.

    Third, the CT isn’t good enough. Ride too hard, drive train too noisy, underpowered. And the model/equipment options are awkward and unhelpful in the UK.

    A few things to keep Lexus busy. BTW we don’t get the LX or ES in Europe. The ES would get laughed out of the marketplace for being a Camry with added chrome. (We don’t get the Camry either).

  • F1

    I cannot wait to see the next IS350