Lexus LS & RX Next in Line for F-Sport Model?

Lexus F-Sport Logo recently discussed the future of F-Sport with Lexus Australia’s corporate manager Peter Evans, and came away with an idea of which models will be next to receive the performance treatment:

The new generation GS mid-size luxury sedan is likely to be first with the F-Sport treatment, while sportier versions of the LS limousine and RX soft-roader are likely to coincide with facelifts to those models later in the year.

Considering that Lexus has announced that GS F-Sport at SEMA in November, I’d classify that model as a sure thing — the other two, however, have been long rumored but never discussed openly. The LS already has the Sport variant, so a full-on F-Sport model isn’t much of a stretch. The RX, on the other hand, could lead to some very interesting possibilities.

(Of course, this would be exciting news if only because it means we’ll be seeing a RX & LS update next year — the F-Sport models are just icing on the cake.)

Also included in the article are some surprising statistics regarding Australia’s adoption of Lexus F-Sport models:

In less than 12 months, F-Sport versions of the IS sedan and CT hatch – which have visual enhancements, some throttle and steering adjustment and no extra power – account for 25 per cent of all Lexus sales in Australia (split by 43 per cent IS sedan and 31 per cent CT hatch).

“It’s still early days for us, but it’s an impressive result when you consider we’ve only been out there for 10 months.”