Lexus LFA for Sale on eBay?

As crazy as it seems, it appears that Herb Chambers Lexus in Sharon, Massachusetts is selling a LFA on eBay — looks like Pearl Brown exterior with a Saddle Tan interior:

Lexus LFA for sale on eBay Herb Chambers

Lexus LFA for sale on eBay Herb Chambers

Lexus LFA for sale on eBay Herb Chambers

Lexus LFA for sale on eBay Herb Chambers

Lexus LFA for sale on eBay Herb Chambers

Considering that reselling a LFA may conflict with the buyer agreement, the sparse description on the sale page, and the fact that the windows are rolled up in the only photo of the interior, I have a couple doubts about the legitimacy of the auction — regardless, this LFA is currently on eBay with a “Buy it Now” price of $389,900 USD, with full payment required 7 days after purchase.

Lexus LFA for Sale on eBay (Thanks John!)

Update: Looks like this eBay sale is legitimate — from Autoblog:

What’s the hitch? Unsurprisingly, there are a couple of them. We spoke with the dealer, and according to them, before the title changes hands, the new owner will need to sign a first right of refusal contract with Lexus. If the buyer takes the car home and decides to sell it in the first two years, the automaker gets dibs on buying the car back.

According to the dealer, the original orderer of the car came in to inspect it, got a walk-around with Lexus’ LFA-specific expert who was on-hand to assist, briefly drove it and then decided he would let someone else purchase it.

Update 2: The auction has ended and the LFA is no longer available for sale — will try to get some details on what happened.


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Nice color !

  • M3_powered

    YUCK!……but I’ll still drive it.

  • Laserbeam

    Love this car–not liking this color however.

  • Zf1

    God I wish I had enough money to buy this.. I’ll seriously choose this over any Italian or German car..

  • Travis

    The right wheels would set off this color better. Doesnt go well with the stock wheels.   

  • krew

    Just updated the post with some info from Autoblog — looks like this is totally legit.

  • Lexus Ben

    The Color will need some time to get used to…… Tan interior is nice too…. but this brown….ai yai yai……paying the full pop?  I’d rather place an order thru lexus and wait…… this car will be a tough sale…..unless you find the right buyer that actually likes the color.

  • Lexus Ben

    And you know what?  How could someone who pays $100K for the initial deposit to order the car……then decide not to purchase it when it arrives?   Any Herb Chambers will let that guy walk away with a commitment like that??  WTH??

    • krew

      I don’t know the ins & outs of LFA purchasing (though you likely do),  but from what I’ve read over at Club Lexus, it sounds like the buyer would lose his $60k deposit. Does that sound right?

  • Winston Williams

    He probably choose the wrong colour, came in, saw it and decided not to buy it. Wish I was there and he was kind enough to GIVE it to me…  

  • krew

    Another update — the auction has ended and the LFA is no longer available for sale. Will try to get some details on what happened.

  • bui


  • two-lexus-family

    Who would order an LFA in baby-shit brown?  Especially when this car looks so good in so many colors.

  • Guest

    Just saw this car on Rt 9 in Westboro, same color

  • ACABADA123


  • Guest

    Performance similar to a Vette ZR1…stupid price tag

  • whos-got-the-car-now

    i just bought this car when i bought it i thought i should take it to a race track and race it

  • core60

    they should have one in lime green and black

  • core60

    lfa is my dream car riding at 175 mph yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • EPM

    Who Cares what the color is!!! GIMMME!!!!! UM! Whats with the price? Wish Lesus could give me it! Everthing paid for including insurance!!!!! But that will never happen stupid resources!!!!!! I wish that people who start to live on there own were givin whatever car the wanted and everybody would be happy!!!! Bye!! Bye!! Pretty car! I will hav u!!!! U just Wait!!!!!

  • Khalifa Alzaabi

    the color ruins it

  • LexusGXman

    I saw that car in person

  • Fabiu

    Isn’t a NISSAN GTR also faster then Ferrari 599, then there is also nothing special about that..