Consumer Reports Issues 2010 Lexus GX 460 Safety Warning

Consumer Reports has issued a safety warning on the 2010 Lexus GX 460 after standard testing revealed the SUV’s electronic stability control struggled to keep the vehicle from sliding during high speed cornering—this video illustrates the consumer magazine’s findings:

Here’s details on the test and the potential safety risk:

In the test, as the vehicle is driven through a turn, the driver quickly lifts his foot off the accelerator pedal to see how the vehicle reacts.

In real-world driving, lift-off oversteer could occur when a driver enters a highway’s exit ramp or drives through a sweeping turn and encounters an unexpected obstacle or suddenly finds that the turn is too tight for the vehicle’s speed. A natural impulse is to quickly lift off the accelerator pedal. If that were to happen in the GX, the rear could slide around far enough that a wheel could strike a curb or slide off the pavement.

Either of those scenarios can cause a vehicle to roll over. And because the GX is a tall SUV with a high center of gravity, our concern for rollover safety is heightened.

Lexus has issued a statement regarding the Consumer Reports findings:

We’re concerned with the results of Consumer Reports testing on the Lexus GX 460 and their suggested buyer recommendation.  Our engineers conduct similar tests and we feel these procedures provide a good indication of how our vehicles will perform in the real-world; however, we will try to duplicate the Consumer Reports’ test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken.  Please keep in mind that the 2010 GX 460 meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements.  Customer safety and satisfaction remain our highest priorities.  We take the Consumer Reports’ test results seriously and appreciate Consumer Reports bringing it to our attention.
Customers who have any questions or concerns should contact the Lexus Customer Satisfaction at 1-800 25 LEXUS or 1-800-255-3987.

There have been no reported accidents or injuries related to this issue—as the video demonstrates, it would not be a common occurrence for drivers of two-and-a-half-ton SUV to barrel into a corner at 60mph.

Consumer Reports is suggesting that a software update and/or tire change should fix this issue. As always, we will keep you updated with information as this story unfolds.

Update 1: The Miami Herald is reporting that Lexus was on hand at Consumer Reports’ second testing last week, where the results in the video above could not be recreated due to weather:

Lexus spokesman Bill Kwong said it had rained at the Consumer Reports proving grounds, so another test could not be replicated for the engineers. Kwong said the company has been working to replicate the tests since that time and was instantly in contact with teams in Japan via video conference. He said the company was very concerned about Consumer Reports’ tests and that “all hands are on deck” to reproduce the problem and fix it if found.

He explained that the tests Consumer Reports and Toyota run are very similar but have slightly different speeds and approach angles.

[Source: Consumer Reports, Lexus & The Miami Herald]



  1. Toyota , What Happens To You ?

  2. Wow. Toyota/Lexus doesn’t need anymore heat from the public than it already has.

    I also read on Yahoo that this is the first time a Toyota/Lexus/Scion vehicle has gotten a “Don’t Buy” mark by Consumer Reports.

  3. Sad to know
    planning to buy a new GX 460 pretty soon
    or are just they trying to kill Toyota:`-(

  4. I hope this fix this problem, seeing I was looking into the GX.

    I have a feeling a lot of loyal Toyota-Lexus customers will start jumping ship.

  5. As we all knows that TOYOTA in the past decade was run by the business men whom just wanna money

    just care about numbers no matter anything else

    but from august 2009 their is a great grand son and i think he ‘ll return toyota even more than it;s reputation

    he donna care about money
    he care about his grand pa name
    about styling , performance , stability

    but unfortunately all people attack him on errors he didn’t make it
    hope the best for toyota

    and i think your loyalty to the company ‘ll not make you jump from it’s ship
    it may even make you to think of ideas to make it better and better

    the loyalty to place or thing or even a human make you stand beside him in his tough moments more than his joy and success moments

    so who like to jump now is now loyal from the beginning

  6. This smells a bit funny to me.The Lexus GX/Land Cruiser 150 is without question one of the best engineered vehicles in it’s class,so if this car gets a “Don’t buy” warning what does Consumer Reports have to say about something like a Chevy Tahoe? “If somebody tries to sell you one, poke them in the eye and run like Usain Bolt”?

  7. Sigh… that looks like FUN FUN FUN!!! LOL LOL LOL

  8. funny… Where have I seen this video before? It looks so familiar. deja vu?,
    I still think it looks like FUN FUN FUN!!!

  9. This is MONKEY CRAP!
    If you run most BOF SUVs into that corner, that fast
    Not only would they skid out

    That’s physics stepping in and saying
    “WTF are you doing?
    Drive like you have a brain in your head!”

    This test, and recommendation, is bogus, and suspect
    All of their ratings, and recommendations, should be viewed with suspicion
    NO SAFE DRIVER would drive an SUV in that manner
    And not expect a skid, at best

    That the vehicle didn’t flip is what impressed me the most
    There is nothing “routine” about this test

    Now SUVs aren’t allowed to skid when they’re driven like Miatas?
    Who came up with that monkey crap?

  10. LEXUS is suspending sales for 2010 GX until fixed. gasp

  11. At this point, there’s just not enough information to accurately assess the issue—how do other seven-passenger SUVs handle in this situation? What are the actual facts & figures? Where are the numerical comparisons?

  12. @krew:
    You don’t understand
    You WILL NEVER see a comparison
    If you were, they would have included it in this video
    You can’t see what these lowlives are doing?
    This is a basic, old-school smear job
    Just climbing on the hot topic
    To stay in the news
    And get some cheap pub
    Pretty shameful

    And Lexus can’t fight back
    After the last recall was mishandled
    CR knows that
    You see now?

  13. They want Toyota/Lexus to be out of US market so we will be driving clunkers. I have seen the video and it is being played 24/7 in most us media. Nobody will drive in that manner unless you are under the influence of alcohol or prozac. If you drive in the manner any SUV will roll over whether it is American, German, Chinese, Korean, Russian,Italian, British or Japanese made. So all foreign car makers should leave this country and let Americans drive their clunkers. And I will be driving a bicycle to work.

  14. @Rustyshunt:

    totally agree with you
    even they said it them selves it is 2.5 ton SUV with height center of gravity


    i guess so

  15. I was thinking the same as 4runner… the media is making a big deal out of this so we will buy domestic.

    Yeah, they should do some testing on other SUVs and try making the same purposely dangerous turn like in the video and see what that looks like.

  16. Wired how the Tahoes had the same issue three years ago…