Autoblog Lexus CT 200h Photos

Only moments after I linked to Lexus Europe’s Facebook photo of the CT 200h, Autoblog posted up a massive photo gallery from the preview event—check this car out:

Lexus CT 200h Autoblog photos

Lexus CT 200h Autoblog photos

Lexus CT 200h Autoblog photos

Also mentioned on Autoblog:

Interestingly, though Lexus has yet to confirm what markets the CT will enter, our men on the scene report back, “Lexus executives were adamant about a near-simultaneous global launch a year from now. In their own words, the United States and Japan will receive the CT 200h, even if it was developed as an euro-centric model. First deliveries should begin in Q1 2011.”

Be sure to check out the full gallery, plenty of photos to go through.

[Source: Autoblog] (Thanks World of Luxury!)



  1. sweet God forget what I said that front looks beautiful! I officially love this car! I really think i’ll get this LOL

  2. @LFAaddict: Yeah there’s a lot of details in the front bumper that make the car really special. The rear bumper looks unique and sporty as well. I love the stance of this car!

  3. It looks so much better when pictured in real light. I can’t wait to see this in person.

  4. what i wouldn’t give for a two door CT-F variant…or even just a CT300 2 door hatch

  5. It’s amazing how much better this car looks than the concept version and the photo’s we saw a few days ago. Those pictures made the car look cheap and just ugly, but this images look great.

    I love the grill and the tail lights. I wish the interior was a little nicer, but it’s not bad for an entry level car like this. I hate hatchbacks, but this is the only one i’ve seen thats even remotely interesting. smile

  6. These are great pics of the the actual car as compared to those in the brochure released last week. This will definitely bring youthfulness into the Lexus brand. I have to say that the CT200h is much better looking than the HS250. It’s more sportier and has a stronger appearance than the HS250. I can see a sport package with this model with larger rims on lower profile tires.

    I had high hope that the CT200h would look more like the LF-Ch. So when the first sneak peek of the CT200h came out, I was a little disappointed. I guess this part of the marketing strategy, pairing the really aggressive sporty LF-Ch with a HS250-like CT200h. That’s what caught me. But to be fair, if you can separate the connection between the two cars, and simply see the CT200h only in itself, it actually looks very good. To me, it looks like a mix of the IS and the HS. I begin to like it better now.

  7. Is it just me or has the L-emblem up front lost its appeal?

  8. WorldofLuxury:Is it just me or has the L-emblem up front lost its appeal?

    It’s not the size of the insignia… The whole cover is from the adaptive cruise control or precollision or something, and it prevents the L-insignia shine like the way the beautiful insignia should. I’m still getting used to the horizontal slits in the grille, and the insignia makes it harder… too much details in one place.

    There really should be an LED glow coming from all edges of the Lexus emblems.

  9. @seal: Thanks man! The car looks great!

    I’m not sure about Europe, but if this vehicle comes stateside, will Lexus have more dedicated hybrids than Toyota does? Or is the hybrid model simply the highlight and a conventional gasoline counterpart is soon to arrive (highly doubt it).

  10. @WorldofLuxury: Toyota will soon have a whole Prius sub-brand of dedicated hybrids, so Lexus’s lead is only short term.


  11. Lexus has a spot on the 2011 Model Year brochure order form for the CT….hint hint hint…


  12. @(Cj): OH YEAH! Thanks for reminding me. It looks like Toyota is really trying to fool us with releasing the LX ahead of the Land Cruiser, the HS ahead of the lesser known SAI, and now the CT ahead of its own Toyota counterpart.

  13. @WorldofLuxury: Maybe, but some models are more separate than others…the LX has always had the Land Cruiser connection, the GX having the Prado connection; the HS may also do this but in Japan-only reverse fashion (although the related Avensis predated the HS).  We have the IS, GS, LS, RX which have no direct non-luxury counterpart.  Moreover, some other comments by online critics, like saying the Corolla is somehow related, are off.

    As for the CT, more information is yet to come, however some magazines have stated that the CT 200h is based on a new platform that isn't shared with any other Lexus or Toyota products. 

  14. @Dan: not shared with another Lexus or Toyota products yet wink

    And you can’t forget about RX and RXh’s cousins, the Highlander and Highlander Hybrid.

  15. @WorldofLuxury: Of course, there are shared platform elements for certain models such as RX and Highlander, but that is different from that of the HS and SAI, which seem to be much more closely aligned.  And you are right that we have yet to see what else could be built off the CT platform…however there may be some news on that front soon.

  16. @Dan: Yeah, the HS and the Sai look identical. The RX and the Highlander do at least look totaly different. Nobody would ever mistake a Highlander for an RX, but many would think the Sai to be the HS.

    I hope they don’t offer a Toyota couterpart of the CT, because if they do people will really be calling it a rebadged Toyota. Europeans are already critical of Lexus, this car can’t afford to be screwed up by a rebadged Toyota counterpart. I hope Lexus and Toyota understand that.

  17. @Dan:
    Yeah, you guys are right.
    But the CT is bound to have a Toyota counterpart. It’s freakin’ FWD! I don’t think Toyota would bother with designing another platform… I myself don’t see a point. Sigh… and because the CT is FWD, I hope Lexus offers AWD for the sake of sporty performance rather than for traction in the snow - would be redundant.
    Blah… FWD-based AWD BLAH!

  18. @Dan: @James: @WorldofLuxury:

    World of Luxury’s point was that the vehicle I picture in my above post will likely be the Toyota version of the CT. Even the names of both concepts was eerily similar. The Lexus LF-Ch and the Toyota FT-Ch.

    Aside from that the CT is a rebodied Matrix with a Prius drivetrain. Check the specs yourself and you’ll be highly surprised. Whenever Toyota says somethings on an “all new platform” take it with a grain of salt. They said the ES, HS, and RX were all on new platforms and we know that not to be completely true.

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  20. @Fleece Vest: Thanks for your comments!