Official Lexus LFA Introduction Video

This official Lexus LFA video, which was shown right before the supercar’s introduction at the Tokyo Motor Show, is hands-down the best thing you will see today, I promise:

The production value of both this video and the official press photos is absolutely fantastic—they really show the LFA in the best possible light.

As a small bonus, here are some screenshots of the rear lights, one of my favorite exterior design elements:

Lexus LFA Rear Lights

Lexus LFA Rear Lights 2

This car has captured my imagination, almost unexpectedly. After all, there was little mystery to the exterior, and we had seen concept interiors, but I had no idea it would come together in such beautifully detailed and polished manner. Of course, there’s still a question of how the supercar actually performs, and luckily there’s a literal ton of reviews to post up next.

Update: For a higher-quality version of this video, be sure to visit the official Lexus LFA website.



  1. I love the soundtrack on the second portion of the website.

    original (better quality) is posted at , the LFA global website under gallery.

  2. I really like the back, it looks so mean and aggressive, especially the tail pipes

  3. awesome video but i expected the engine to have a lower rumble

  4. Why is it that the pictures of the LFA on have awkward photoshopping of the Lexus insignias? Some of them are just terrible… probably photoshopped onto mules with camos still on. Blah… terrible


  5. first Lexus with no “Lexus” on the back. weee lol

  6. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve updated the post.

  7. Yeah, I had a laugh at that photo. Don’t really get it.

  8. Pure Formula One engine sounds…. Insane !!

  9. Everybody hates LEXUS/TOYOTA especially Nascar fans. Watch out Lexus, Hyundai is busy photocopying LFA. LOL

  10. not to be rude, but where do you get your information? who told you everybody hates Lexus and Toyota? if they did would each be the best selling car company in its segment? what do Nascar fans have to do with Lexus? you need to research pal…