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Official Lexus LFA Introduction Video

This official Lexus LFA video, which was shown right before the supercar’s introduction at the Tokyo Motor Show, is hands-down the best thing you will see today, I promise:

The production value of both this video and the official press photos is absolutely fantastic—they really show the LFA in the best possible light.

As a small bonus, here are some screenshots of the rear lights, one of my favorite exterior design elements:

Lexus LFA Rear Lights 2

This car has captured my imagination, almost unexpectedly. After all, there was little mystery to the exterior, and we had seen concept interiors, but I had no idea it would come together in such beautifully detailed and polished manner. Of course, there’s still a question of how the supercar actually performs, and luckily there’s a literal ton of reviews to post up next.

Update: For a higher-quality version of this video, be sure to visit the official Lexus LFA website.

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