Official Lexus LFA Photos (& Specs) Leaked!

Lexus LFA Official Photos

It’s a full-on torrent of Lexus LFA information—first there was the leaked press video and photos from the streets of Miami—now it’s the official press photos leaked early by Italian website Omni Auto:

Along with the photos was a breakdown of all the important performance specifications:

  • 4.8L 72-degree V10 pushing out 560hp at 8,700 RPM
  • 354 lb.-ft. of torque at 6,800 RPM.
  • Redline: 9,000 RPM
  • Titanium valves, connecting rods, forged aluminum pistons, dry sump lubrication and a titanium exhaust manifold
  • Six-speed sequential gearbox
  • Torsen limited slip differential
  • 3,263 pounds with 48/52 weight distribution
  • 65% of the body is carbon fiber
  • 20” BBS wheels
  • 0-62 MPH (100 km/h): 3.7 seconds
  • Top speed: 201.94 MPH

Some pretty amazing figures here, and loads and loads of photos to go through. More soon.

[Via: Autoblog]



  1. The interior is absolutely blowing my mind.

  2. Yeah! This is one awesome car! Been looking forward to this day!

  3. Damn!!! I’m just speechless. Everything about it is just, wow.

    So, it’s just a total paddle shifter no more stick? Wait then how would you on reverse?

  4. wow… amazing, finally lexus has something to redeem themselves with

    can’t wait until the magazine puts this to the test

  5. All the years of waiting was worth it. Speechless. Please make it (somewhat) affordable!

  6. Jaw Dropping!

  7. I know! The interior is a huge surprise! Derivative of the concepts but so delicate and beautiful!

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I want a quiet, whine-less, lightweight mild hybrid powertrain, if not removable, that can be manually engaged and disengaged! There’s so much KITT love in me!

  10. I am really disappointed in the headlights and taillights. They should have stayed closer to the concept design. I understand mass produced cars losing concept touches, but this car should have kept them. These headlights are just terrible. Other than that, it is awesome!

  11. True.

  12. Wow, so much to sift through.  The car is finally here, and I think it will look even better in some exotic color…the interior is amazing.

  13. Exactly how I feel—I’ve been clicking through these pics for almost an hour!

  14. OMG, the most gorgeous photos I’ve seen yet! Very nice specs too.

  15. That is simply stunning.  I really want to know the pricing of this, but if its true “if you have to ask you prob. can’t afford it” then the closest I’ll get to one is building one online sad

    It even has remote touch…just want I want when going 150+ MPH…i think if i’m going that fast both hands will be on the steering wheel raspberry

  16. what a car! and yes i hope we will see the LFA in different colors soon.

    and now i wonna know if or when will go the LFA Roadster into production?

  17. Haha, let’s get through this launch first, Erich! smile I have a million articles to post today.

  18. OH MY GOD ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAH!!!!! i cant believe this!!!! its so AMAZING!!!!!holy moly i dont know where to start that interior is just!!! frickin wow…i cant talk…jsut wow

  19. Other than the jockolantern headlights I really like it. What possesed them to change the headlight design?

  20. The interior, especially the gauges, is amazing!

  21. Do I see Mark Levinson?

  22. In my opinion, everything is perfection except for the headlights. It’s too triangular and LARGE. It looses the elegance of the concept version. If they kept the front end, truly a $350,000 dollar car. I still love it though. especially the interior.LOL!!!

  23. (P.S.this is LEXUSaddict, my new name is LFAaddict) THIS CAR IS SICK!!!!!! AAAH!!! after an entire day im still crazy!! i never imagined remote touch. oh my God the frickin finished black trim is AMAZING. the interior is blowing my mind to bits and the exterior is just as amazing!! i love those headlights, i cant tell you how good they look to me!!! the only downside is that the headlight circle looks weird from the top view, see picture 8. but besides that MY DREAM CAR IS ALIVE. the door handle is SICK.

  24. Yes, Mark Levinson is standard in the LFA.

  25. I just checked the site after an absence of 3 days & like a punch in the face, all these LFA articles hit me ! A big thank you to our friend Krew !
    Simply put this car is BEYOND FANTASTIC !!!!!! Waaaay better than I was expecting… Now where do I start ?
    - First bit of good news is that Lexus retained the name ‘LFA’ which is what I was hoping for instead of ‘LFL’ or ‘SS’.
    - The exterior & interior designs are better than any current supercar & the LFA is now on my personal list of top 10 best looking cars of all time.
    - The headlights have a strange shape, not at all similar to the LFA concepts but lovely nonetheless & I hope the N.American version has dual back up lights instead of the single units seen in some of the official pictures.
    - The interior is pure luxury with so much leather trim all around the cabin & the Remote Touch has been so neatly integrated into the center console,better than in RX & HS. Hope they also offer some sort of wood trim as an option.
    - The Optitron gauges look beautiful like the ones in the new 600h,for sure this will be the best quality interior that any supercar has ever had.
    So Lexus has now joined the ranks of Bugatti,Bentley etc as a maker of exotic cars, I just hope we don’t see any in pink or lime green…Yeecch.
    LEXUS RULES ! Ferrari who ?

  26. real luxury with 560hp and perfect car and its really look amazing ,,,
    btw the first picture look awesome as a wallpaper

  27. @Brendan: would it be proper to ask for a price ?

  28. would it be proper to ask for a price ?

  29. @steve mazur: I’m not sure about proper, but the price that’s been quoted is $375,000USD.