2010 Lexus LS 460/460L Information & Photo Gallery

2010 Lexus LS 460L

Information on the 2010 Lexus LS 460/460L was also released today, here’s a breakdown of the flagship design, which received a minor mid-cycle refresh this year:

  • The headlamps, grille & bumper were all revised, as were the taillamps, license plate surround and exhaust diffusers.
  • The side mirrors now have integrated turn signals.
  • The standard 18-inch wheels have a new 10-spoke design.
  • Safety Connect/Lexus Enform is now available.
  • The Advanced Pre-Collision System is now an option on the LS 460L, as is the Driver Monitor System and Lane Keep Assist.
  • iPod/USB connectivity is standard.
  • The navigation system has been upgraded to the sixth generation software, which includes updated voice recognition. The navigation screen has also received a size-boost.
  • The driver seat is equipped with a slide-away feature that aids entering and leaving the vehicle.

Here’s a massive photo gallery of the upgraded LS 460L:

{embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1372”}

This is really a top-notch refresh of the LS—I’m impressed with every single update, save for the new taillamp design. I particularly like the new front grille and wheel design, and the rearrangement of the center console is spot-on.

(While I still have to see a 2010 LS in person, this might be the best mid-cycle Lexus refresh since the 2004 LS 430.)



  1. After all that, I have to admit the car looks amazing.
    I can’t believe that I’ve ever doubted Lexus on this one.

    But wait! Are those panel gaps on the dashboard?!
    No, it can’t be!

  2. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    sadly yes…that and the amber on the tail lights are my only complaint. i feel very LS today because i saw an LS600hL around my house earlier wink

  3. Lexus tends to have quality and fit-and-finish problems in these press pics. Let’s up it’s just that the vehicles are pre-production models. But they’re showcars… why the gaps?!

  4. Indeed…and for some reason these cars get handled not-so-delicately…the interior backseat photos of the RX 350 had someone’s dirty handprints on the leather by the center armrest…in the new LS 460 L photos here, in pic #18, there are grease stains by the start/stop button.

    Anyhow, it’s an interesting refresh, with new lights, seemingly more airflow up front, revised materials, etc. The 460 Sport photos (not here) are interesting too.  Look forward to seeing how the 460 looks.

  5. I like how the front is sharper, and the rear less narrow. The LED strips in the headlights are very sly but also a bit awkward. The taillights remind me of the Hyundai Genesis for some reason.

    - lovin’ the extra wood on the center console
    - loving the extra brushed aluminum/chrome
    - lovin’ the larger buttons
    - loving the tidier center console
    - lovin’ the reshaped chrome accents between some of the buttons
    - ...no carpets, and the rear occupants look bored

    - like the new chrome bar above the rear license plate
    - like how the rear license plate area looks sleeker
    - like how the 18’ wheels don’t look small anymore
    - ...the headlights have designs better fit for the Sport model

    WHERE IS THE Traction Control OFF BUTTON?!

    Maybe just for the hybrid…
    - the ottoman with 5-seating arrangement

    Hehe… wanted to name them all, but I’m done for now.

  6. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    grease stains? those are actually the gaps around the push button ignition lol

  7. No, there are actual grease stains…on the cream-colored vinyl directly underneath the start button.  Compare with the corresponding vinyl area on the right side of the center stack.  In pic #18, the shading is different, and when viewed in max resolution it’s clear that there’s a stain that should not be there.  This is probably a preproduction model, with less-perfectly fitted parts, and also has had some less than clean samplers testing it.

  8. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    sure, but compare with picture 15 and its the same…i’m certain it’s the gap, something tells me they wouldn’t take a picture of a $70K car with grease stains…

  9. Yeah, I can only imagine that these are pre-production models—still, I’m surprised that these wasn’t caught in the post-production stage.

    Good eye, wow!

  10. WorldOfLuxury - Don’t ever doubt Lexus quality !!
    I recently visited a Lexus Dealership in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) and was absolutely mind-blown by the shear impeccable biuld quality of their cars, particularly the LS.

    Judging by the consistant strong ranking (often No.1) in the many Quality / Customer Satisfaction Surveys that have been released over the years, Lexus ‘arguably’ engineers / biulds the highest quality cars that can be purchased anywhere in the world today.

    ‘Impeccable’ is often the word used to describe Lexus craftsmanship.

    As for the minor update, should help this car stay amoung the finest limo’s available.


    ps. love the new Toyota FT-86 that has just been revealed.

  11. Something’s definitely missing in the center console—this is where the Traction Control/adaptive variable suspension/performance/Height buttons were located. It looks like only one switch now.

    Maybe under the armrest?

  12. i dont see any gaps…unless its the one for the glove box

  13. Indeed, compare with:


    That is a much cleaner photo of the 2007 LS.  Notice how on both the left and right sides of the center stack, the vinyl is clean.

    Above, in this gallery, even in pic #15 there are signs of use.  In pic #15, there is discoloration on the left side of the driver’s footwell as well.

  14. Here is the actual link…their gallery uses different linking methods.


  15. Dan: Are you referring to the shadow? lol
    It’s just part of the design. aha

  16. Under the armrest? AWESOME! James Bond style LOL

  17. Additionally, you have to keep in mind the varying lighting during the photoshoot as well as the different colors Lexus offers for the interior.

  18. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    the gaps are referring to the ones connecting the dash and the center console where the shifter is. instead of swooping down and connecting, it looks like it has on a cozy coat of some sort
    heres a picture for reference:
    do you see where the volume knobs are? there are two vertical lines on top and below the knob. the one going down connects to the center console which has no gap.
    compare with picture #15 in this gallery, in which there is a 1/2 inch gap.

  19. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    woops heres the picture.
    the gaps are referring to the ones connecting the dash and the center console where the shifter is. instead of swooping down and connecting, it looks like it has on a cozy coat of some sort
    heres a picture for reference:

    g_int4.jpg width=400

    do you see where the volume knobs are? there are two vertical lines on top and below the knob. the one going down connects to the center console which has no gap.
    compare with picture #15 in this gallery, in which there is a 1/2 inch gap.

  20. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    console meaning the part that sweeps back and grasps the dashboard center.
    heres the gap:
    2010-lexus-ls-460l-15.jpg width=400

  21. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    oh sorry about that KREW!! :o

  22. Clearly this is nitpicking, but decide for yourself:


  23. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    i’m still waiting patiently for a redesigned LS

  24. If you’re not talking about the curving shadow, then I think it is something dirty. lol

  25. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    well seeing as there are no monkeys…i think we’re clean wink

  26. The original LS was a total breakthrough. The facelift of the second-gen was a timeless piece of craftsmenship that you could live comfortably with for decades to come. The third-gen wasn’t entirely new but a good update. The fourth-gen can be considered a design breakthrough for Lexus. The fifth-generation… drool… I hope Lexus doesn’t let us down.

    LEXUS! The E-class coupe is a beautiful thing. The A5 is a beautiful thing. The next-generation 6-series also has great promises. What about the SC?!?!?!

  27. Yeah, not the shadow…it’s not so clean, that’s what. I’ve noticed this with some recent photoshoots they’ve done…maybe it’s the higher-res shots where imperfections are difficult to conceal.  No biggie, just room for improvement.

    Anyhow, back to the main topic, I read that the navigation screen is larger…also looks like the night vision/digital instrument panel will not be available in the US.

  28. LEXUSaddict Will be LFAaddict Soon

    if the SC is designed off the LFA i can say we’re safe for the 2011 SC460 and SCF
    oops…you didn’t hear it from me wink

  29. WOW…..it looks great.

    Loving the new standred rims. They dont look small anymore.

    Lexus is the best when it comes to adding little details and its these little details that matter….im still waiting for a complete new LS tho Lexus…

    But overall very well done. The car looks much shaper.

  30. I still dont see it, i think that is a design element. lol

  31. Wait a sec. The slot loading CD player looks so much better on the older pic. That’s one of the things I really liked on the LS.

  32. yeah. Maybe to add a feeling of suppleness?

  33. aha. me too

  34. Does anyone else think that the LED strip seems out of place. Anyways, you can barely notice them until you look closely. Overall, the facelift is an improvement.

  35. Yeah. Lexus doesn’t want to appear to be a copycat. lol

    I saw a Q5 the other day with its left LED daytime running light off! It didn’t even have its license plate yet! LOL
    Don’t think there are warning signs in Audi’s for those.

  36. This refresh means the current LS will be around for 3 years…there’s still time for them to develop the fifth generation model.

  37. ohhhhhh i am really surprised to see all of these cars….i love to drive it ..(in my dream wink  )well very impressive functions…very welldone work.

  38. This looks like the best of the LS facelifts with a proper grille unlike that abnormal thing fitted to the 600h. The new 18” wheels look superb,I first thought these would be optional 19 inchers based on those leaked brochure images. Wonder whether there are any NEW 19” wheel designs ?
    The only real design flaw seems to be the round foglamp reflectors set into the rectangular lenses, I preferred the previous rectangular foglamp reflector design which matched the lenses.
    The LED running/park lights don’t look prominent enough & they’ve moved the headlamp washers onto the bumper surface to accomodate them. Like the changes to the rear especially the wider chrome strip.
    Its interesting that the new Optitron in the 600h wasn’t added to the 460 which still uses the old design, so that’s another major differentiating feature for the hybrid. Like picture #15 of the dash, shows my favourite Lexus interior color shade & wood trim.

    Wonder why Lexus didn’t release similar Hi-res images of the LS600hL ?

  39. Maybe Lexus should “recall” these images too wink

  40. What’s missing are the switches for the Adaptive variable Air Suspension ie Comf, Sport & Height switches. Its usually optional so I guess this pre-production example wasn’t fitted with it.

  41. I like how this new grille is less plasticy.

  42. @LEXUS BOY

    Yeah, it’s odd that Lexus didn’t release any images of the 600hl.
    Could be because they don’t like the design (or just the grille)enough to flaunt it!

  43. Yep, you’re right. Good catch.

  44. I’ve heard that the LS 600hL won’t be in dealerships until late this year.

  45. I think that Lexus played the LED strip well—they didn’t over-emphasis them as it would draw to much comparison to Audi, but they’re prominent enough that it will have its own distinct look.

    Hard to tell without seeing them in action, though.

  46. Yeah, you’re right 4tD,
    Akio is probably at the throat of the guy who penned the 600h front end…

  47. I think the LED’s in the new LS serve as the parking lights, not as DRL’s. Check out photo #11 which shows the LED’s lighting up along with the Xenon projector headlights as well as the foglamps. If the headlights are switched on the DRL’s switch off.

  48. I was glad to see them add the LED strip up front to the headlights, although that means that the headlamp washers are no longer integrated there.

  49. if i had a dollar for every new unlicensed 2010 bimmer with a nonworking light…

  50. Here are a few pics of the 600h on the japanese website:


    I don’t know where the photo gallery is because I don’t understand Japanese. But overall, the 600h still looks as disproportionate as ever.

  51. Here’s one in English. I can’t find a gallery though…


  52. Does Lexus’ Japanese website say that its Adaptive Cruise Control bring the vehicle to a full and complete stop? (It’s the fourth choice under “Performance”).