Lexus Enform Available on Select 2010 Lexus Models

Lexus Enform Logo

Starting August 1st, the Lexus Enform telematics service will be available in the USA on a selection of 2010 Lexus models:

Already announced to launch on the HS 250h, Lexus Enform with Safety Connect will soon become available on additional MY10 Lexus models. As of the telematics’ systems official “go-live” date, which is August 1, 2009, the IS sedans—including the all-new IS C and the IS-F, the LX 570 as well as the RX 350 and RX 450h SUVs will also begin to offer the subscription service. Lexus Enform with Safety Connect will be available on these MY10 models manufactured after August 1, 2009.

Unfortunately, older models will not be able to use the service due to the necessary SOS button for Safety Connect:

Lexus Enform SOS Button

The good news is that Safety Conntect service, which provides Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency Assistance Button (SOS), and Enhanced Roadside Assistance, will be available on all Lexus models, including the non-navigation models.

However, Lexus Enform will only be available on navigation equipped vehicles, and will add Destination Assist and eDestination, which allows subscribers to send destinations from their computer to their car.

What’s also interesting is the vehicles left out of the update—the LS & ES are expected to get a mid-cycle refresh, and the next-generation GX is expected to debut some time in the next six months, so their exclusion isn’t all that surprising. But what about the GS & SC?

(A poster on Club Lexus mentions that the latest issue of Motor Trend states that the SC 430 will return for 2010 with only minor updates, will check it out tomorrow.)



  1. So in a way… all the models will be getting it soon!

    Is the service through the GPS? Will it work in the middle of nowhere when off-roading in the LX 570? Sucks that the government isn’t funding the GPS sad

    I can’t imagine the world as of now without GPS. It’s as if imagining the ancient days when everyone never traveled beyond the borders of their little villages.

  2. Minor updates for a 2010 SC? Are they going to give it the 460 engine that’s in the GS and make it something worth the money? I kind of thought the SC would be killed off until they completely redo the model.

    As for the GS i wonder if later in 2010 there will be a GS update that will allow the inclusion of this feature, because there’s no reason it couldn’t just be added to the existing model unless they are planning on a model refresh for the GS some time in 2010

  3. Is that the roof switch-panel of the RX in that picture ?
    Looks neat.
    Lexus Link already offers most of the functions of Lexus Enform. Don’t think it’ll take much to update the older models with the new system.

  4. I was given the opportunity to use Lexus Enform this morning and I must say it is quite impressive.  Of course for between $139 and $265 it is not inexpensive.  The person at the call center was able to send destinations to the navigation system.  Additionally, owners will have access to a (not up yet) and well be able to send up to 200 destinations from their home PC to the vehicles navigation.  The Lexus Enform will be available on all 2010 model except the SC430.

  5. CORRECTION: (my mistake)

  6. I kinda like the option in the IS where you can switch to the preferred position in the sunroof without waiting.
    Don’t really have the patience to press-and-hold… even if you don’t have to hold it during the whole moonroof-opening operation raspberry

  7. If you are referring to the turning dial, they removed that on the 2008 and later models to a regular open close button

  8. While the SC does have a weaker and outdated engine, it still performs rather well with just the 4.3 liter engine. 0-60 is sub 6 seconds

  9. Didn’t know Lexus changed the moonroof switches in the facelifted IS.

  10. aww… that sucks

    The thing might have looked out of place, but it certainly was convenient - kinda cool, as a matter of fact.

  11. Just realised that’s the roof panel switches of the HS, not the RX

  12. I was expecting a similar year-long hiatus to the one between the first and second generation SC—maybe next year!

  13. I thought of the Lexus Link functionality as well, but at least some of this functionality would be part of the navigation computer, which would add significant cost to any upgrade.

    (Plus, it looks like RX buyers from before August 1st won’t be able to get the technology either. Looking into that.)

  14. That’s right, it’s the HS roof panel. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner!

  15. Thank you for sharing your experience, Nick. Curious, how long did it take for the destination to be loaded into the navigation?