Pure Lexus LFA Sound

Here’s something to get your week started off on the right foot — the LFA launch video with a V10-only soundtrack: Hard to believe my excitement now that the LFAs are being delivered to their new owners — can’t wait for all the LFA spottings around the world as the supercar hits the public roads.
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Lexus LFA at Full Throttle

This video of the Lexus LFA going full-throttle is so loud, I recommend turning down your speakers: Total aural madness — is there another supercar out there that sounds as good as the LFA? (Thanks Dude!)
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Lexus LFA Sound Gallery

The Lexus LFA mini-site has been updated to include a Sound “Gallery”, where you can listen to the LFA in its various aural states—and lucky for us, Youtube user supercargasm has posted up each soundclip for our listening pleasure: Engine Start Acceleration Full Flight Downshift Every time I almost get used to Lexus having a …