Advertising the Lexus GS Mark Levinson Sound System

These Lexus GS magazine spreads advertising the Mark Levinson sound system might take a couple seconds to register, but they’re good for a laugh — be sure to click the images to see a larger version:

Lexus GS Mark Levinson Ad

Lexus GS Mark Levinson Ad

Considering the usual volume of the Mark Levinson sound system in the GS I’m driving, I wouldn’t be surprised to be leaving a similar trail — best car stereo I’ve ever heard, it’s so crisp no matter the volume.

[Via: Ads of the World]


  1. The ML system is very good..........until you hear a Burmeister system in the new Porsches.
    • The Burmeister system costs about $4000 more than the system used in the GS, which in my opinion is not worth it over the stock bose system. Gotta wait and see what ML is packing in the new LS.
    • True....the Burmeister is expensive, but if you are serious about car audio, its the best I have heard. I just got a new 13 GS, wanted the ML system but it required a $10k package so I settled for the stock radio.  It is outstanding......touching on the ML system in my wife's 07 LS.
  2. I don't get it.. :confused: 
    • If you look in the bottom right you can see the Lexus GS  the path of lights is the path in which the GS has driven suggesting that the sound system woke up the residents upon the intended path ...