Toyota Yaris Master Thread (Sedan & Hatch Discontinued for USA)

WEC was at it's peak with LMP1 when those cars were faster in corners than F1 cars but VW group shot the manufacturing costs up in the space and completely ruined it for everybody as FIA/ACO was scared to do anything about it. Toyota's budget was 50 million while the budget for whole VW group with its two "manufacturers" was between 200-300 million depending on the season.

LMP1 specs were the right way to go but again FIA/ACO didn't know how to position themselves as flagship racing series and co-exist with F1. They were threatened through FIA by F1 executives on regular basis as active F1 drivers were showing more and more interest in LMP1. Bottom line is FIA/ACO didn't know what to do with it, instead of looking at how SuperGT dealt with it's GT world dominance as the fastest series in the world they backtracked on the performance citing cost reasons.

Today WEC is GT marketing fad unfortunately just like how F1 was manufacturer marketing fad in early 2000s, believe me. As soon as that fad goes away manufacturers will be pulling out one by one and within two seasons there would be no one on the grid. As soon as one tiny screw goes loose the whole thing will implode and that tiny screw could be relationship between FIA and ACO.

Look at it this way, they still haven't done their homework. They let Nissan do some stupid reverse concept in LMP1 era instead letting them know they can't play like that and that they have to play like others. Today they have wingless Peugeot which is the exact same thing Nissan did a decade ago. They haven't warned Peugeot they can't do that, instead they let them roll with their flawed concept which obviously doesn't work and Peugeot will be the first one to pull out. WEC is gambling on Toyota and Ferrari long term, lets see if it works out.

WRC on the other hand is euro-trash carnival. People who attend these events go there to get wasted, do some forest bbq, get into fights and all other manly things. It's like NASCAR crowd but worse. FIA has been trying to repackage that into something fancy and 30 years later they still haven't. Only the cars got smaller and smaller, at this point they better race go-carts instead.

What in the actual heck did I read?

Please back this up with any sources because nothing that you're saying is remotely true.


After the first paragraph, everything you mentioned.

That's my opinion based off the information I've gathered through years. WEC wanted more manufacturers and in order to attract them they've lowered the budget required to enter and run in the series but at the cost of performance and being a flagship prototype and GT racing series. While universal prototype specifications have worked wonders for IMSA and other Endurance, petit LeMans series it did make WEC step back and be in the line with racing series I just named. WEC want manufacturer teams for marketing purposes, and they are not wrong. Similar thing has happened to F1 when it had Ferrari, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Renault manufacturing teams and Mercedes as engine supplier and then just one day it just ended, all of them got out and they had to beg Cosworth to come back and offer PUs. Truth be told it lasted good 5 seasons when all of the F1 manufacturers were on their peak, but that's F1. WEC on the other hand will not have that of a long span for manufacturers to stay in if something goes wrong. Currently WEC has shut down any chance of any private team being on par with teams that have manufacturer support because they want to pull in as many brands as they can.

Peugeot is already doing it wrong, and they are not giving up on the flawed concept and WEC is not doing anything about it. Porsche has already been lobbying to shake the set regulations hence the reason why Toyota was hit with performance penalty for LeMans race but to make it right they didn't go hard on them for the rest of the season so they could take the championship. So there was already some power balancing to make sure Porsche doesn't pull out the manufacture support and not make Toyota mad too much cause as of right now Toyota is WECs biggest asset. Until Ferrari gets their car up to par at least.

Once "all" of the car manufacturers are in, there will be a backstage politics headache for the people who run the show and if F1 guys are not competent to deal with their politics neither will be WEC guys. And all of that will be going on while their prototype performance is on level of LMDh IMSA prototype.



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