Search your heart and dream big, F1.

They've already said they're going higher with F.

What did we get the last time Lexus decided to really elevate?

Won't say any more for now.


Well, they've elevated a lot of times before. I'll go through a list of options.


- They launched the F brand with the amazing IS F. There most likely won't be an IS F for the 3rd generation as there is nothing that the N platform could improve on (unless they use the LS600h power unit??????). So an IS F would be at least 4-5 years away with the 4th generation IS.

- They then introduced the legendary LFA. They said then they would build an LFA every 10-20 years, and them purportedly cancelling the LC F for a 2nd generation LFA does add up perhaps.

The above two are the last things that they have genuinely elevated with the F brand (assuming we're talking about the F brand only). The RC F and GS F continued what the IS F was doing. So other than the IS F coming back and a potential return of the LFA, I have a few hypotheses of what Lexus could possibly be doing.

- The LC F could simply be happening anyways, be it with the LFA or not.

- F-Sport Performance SUV's? But that isn't really elevating now is it... more like catching up to the competition.

- Full EV F products?


I'm lost. But those are my guesses haha.