Nice job lexus europe. Question what models are available in europe? There was a huge commotion about alot of models being axed due to poor sales, does this CY21 sales reflect the axing of select vehicles?


Good information from Lexus Europe Newsroom:

  • Lexus Europe sales increased by 2% in 2021, consolidating a record share of 2.3% in a premium market that contracted by 2% vs. 2020 on the back of pandemic-related and global supply constraints.
  • The strongest growth was recorded by the LC flagship coupe (+53%), thanks to the successful market introduction of the LC Convertible. The Lexus flagship sedan, the LS, also progressed significantly (+46%) following a significant model refresh in early 2021.
  • UX was the best with 21444 units, closely followed by the NX with 19493 units.
    • Amazing result for the NX, in the last year, selling so well next to the UX
    • 3000(!) UX300e's, this car keeps amazing me how well it sells despite price vs. specs
  • 87% SUV sales

Now the big ones:
  • Customer deliveries of the all-new, second generation NX start in January 2022
  • In the first half of 2022, Lexus will reveal its first BEV on a dedicated platform, the RZ 450e. This vehicle will take the driving experience to the next level, with the introduction of our exclusive new drive force control technology, DIRECT 4, and a cutting-edge steer-by-wire system.
  • In upcoming years, Lexus will also bring a sustained flow of product launches, with no less than 20 new or renewed models by 2025 – a large majority of them under the banner of “Lexus Electrified”

Source: https://newsroom.lexus.eu/lexus-consolidates-sales-and-market-share-in-europe-in-2021/

For the 20 new models (IMO):
  1. UX facelift (2022)
  2. RZ450e (2022)
  3. New RX (2022)
  4. New TX (2022~3)
  5. New TX BEV (2024)
  6. New LS (2023~5)
  7. New ES (2024)
  8. New IS (2025)
  9. New IS Wagon
  10. NX facelift (2025)
  11. New small SUV (2022~3)
  12. LC facelift (?)
  13. New coupe

Any other ideas? They also say "a large majority of them under the banner of “Lexus Electrified”", non-eletrified models to come?


I just have one question, with all the chip shortages, how are automakers able to break sales records?