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both UX and ES should be in stable supply in next few months.

Do we have any info on how well UX sold in past few months in China, per month?
They did not release specific figures.
The new ES is the key to Lexus' success in China, and it is also the only model that mentioned sales at the auto show conference. At that time, they revealed that the average monthly sales of ES was around 9,000, which is almost twice that of the United States.
There should not be a lot of UX sales. They mainly sell UX260h in China, which means that the price is not cheap, especially when compared with ES200 and NX200.
Chinese consumers prefer more interior space. This is why many brands have launched long wheelbase models in China. For example: Audi A4L / A6L/Q5L, Mercedes-Benz C-Class L / E-Class L/GLC L, BMW 3 Series L / 5 Series L


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We’re seeing the New World Order through the lens of Lexus right now — the GS shelved in favor of the ES, a $200k minivan, import tax engines, all geared to the Chinese market.

It’s a very different position for the North American consumer, but its one we will have to get used to. It’s hardly a hot take, but China is now the top-tier market for Lexus, with North America second.

(Even then, Europe is the primary market for the UX, and the US-centric release of the LC & LS both produced little in the way of sales.)
Actually, US and Chinese markets are very much alike for Lexus. Japanese and European markets are completely different.