Lexus LC LC500 Mark Levinson

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I have heard nothing from Lexus regarding update on ML system. I’m more enthused about the sound coming from the rear end in sport + while using paddle shifters than this ML surround?? system. Some sound formats sound better than others but overall quality, tone and dispersion is a dud! To each is own but disappointed in lack of response from Lexus!


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I have experienced many car audio systems but expressed my dissatisfaction withML audio system in my LC500.Spoke with Lexus and dealer as I feel the system front loads all the music regardless of source.Surround is a joke with this system . There should be a fullness of sound with more from rear speakers . Thought my amplifier might be defective but not the case. Dealership acknowledged and hope they can produce an update fix for this.
Would like to hear other comments regarding M levinson in LC500
Maybe it’s just the size and way the cabin was designed. Very small interior inside, maybe that has a play in it all.